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In turning a LinkedIn profile into a business or personal brand, 10 Plus Brand experts shed light on unique value proposition, brand positioning, messaging, etc.

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There are more than 6.5 million so-called LinkedIn ”experts” in the world, many of them write profiles for their clients by first finding out how their clients’ competitors describe themselves, and “borrow” their keywords. They even coach their clients to copy keywords from their competitors’ testimonials.

Calling it “mirroring”, these LinkedIn “experts” further advise their clients to use an online tool like wordclounds.com to find the most used words in their competitors’ profiles or testimonials as the “building blocks” for the  client’s own LinkedIn profile.

This is NOT the right way to create an effective LinkedIn profile that authentically impresses your target audience. This practice will make your LinkedIn profile completely indistinguishable among your peers and competitors. You become one of many in the sea of mediocrity.

That’s what ChatGPT can do for you, by regurgitating whatever others are using, to describe you. What’s the point of having your own profile? You are defeating your own purpose by using either ChatGPT or a so-called LinkedIn “expert” who can do nothing better than copycatting your peers and competitors.

Your LinkedIn profile is about your UNIQUE value proposition

The whole purpose for your LinkedIn profile is for connecting with those who are a GOOD FIT for doing business with YOU. 

Learning from others is wise, but copycatting others is not a good strategy, neither is “mirroring”: By being all things to all people, you will end up belonging nowhere, pleasing nobody, and losing your own true identity and unique value proposition, therefore getting nowhere.

If you are constantly changing your wording on your LinkedIn to “mirror” or just to impress someone, You will end up like a very mixed up chameleon, constantly changing colors according to different environments. You lose yourself, you lose your soul, you lose your credibility. 

Besides, people can tell if you are telling a true personal story, or just using cliche. Words and stories that resonate with your ideal clients must be authentically your own.

I am not talking about SEO strategy here,  even though I will address it later in this blog.  

Your LinkedIn profile is an important place for your brand awareness and brand positioning – both your personal brand and  business brand

To do all these within the limited space of a LinkedIn profile? Yes. We at 10 Plus Brand are doing this for countless people all over the United States, day in and day out, even for people in Canada and Australia.

LinkedIn limits the length for three major areas of descriptions:  the Summary section for a personal profile has 2,600 character limit, the current experience in a personal profile has 2,000 character limit. A business page’s description can have a maximum of 2,000 characters. 

That’s plenty of space to describe a person and/or a business, with content that is well strategized, designed, and optimized with SEO. It does take true expertise to coach you and help you tell your brand stories. It takes individualized (not cookie cutter, one size fits all) consulting and content writing that highlights your unique value proposition, in your own brand voice, with the right Google keywords, and within a carefully structured framework.

That’s where we come in to help – to be your brand coach and consultant, first and foremost. 

1. ) Decode your brand DNA – 10 Plus Brand’s proprietary process

We call “unique value proposition” by another name: Brand DNA. We use a process to decode your brand DNA, map out all elements and intertwining factors, facts, stories and keywords, based on deep branding of your own business, professional, or personal brand, as well as research and analyses of go to market strategies, customer profile, competitive landscape, etc.  

2. ) Create your brand messaging and your very own brand voice and brand persona

Only after we have mapped out your brand DNA together with you, can we create your brand identity, brand voice, and brand persona that is unique, authentic, differentiated, and above the crowd.

We guide your target audience (who your LinkedIn profile is for) to conclude their own conclusions by reading your stories, facts, and statistics, instead of merely claiming your expertise by yourself.

We let your target audience know what is in it for them, not merely what training, experience, and skills you have.

We focus on your goals, mission, and vision in the FUTURE, not just what you have accomplished in your PAST.

Results:  The majority of our clients get their advancements in their careers, and/or more and better clients, referral partners, and connections. They gain higher stature and more influence in their industries.

3. ) Amplifying your LinkedIn brand with content, video, blog posts

To have an outstanding LinkedIn profile is one thing, to be constantly staying top of mind for your expertise among the LinkedIn community is quite another. It takes regular posting of high value, high quality content that’s relevant to your target audience.

We call it brand amplification.  We help our clients achieve their leadership in their industry by consistently creating and sharing quality content on their behalf – content full of timely insights and with SEO value.

Please visit 10PlusProfile.com, or 10PlusBrand.com, and email us from our websites for an initial free audit of your LinkedIn brand.

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