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AI Experience Design (AIXD): Connecting a Brand to its Target Audience

The 10 Plus Brand consultants, experts, and brand strategists combine these skills at all levels and in all teams:

  1. Design thinking,
  2. Analytical skills,
  3. Originality, Creativity.

In addition to applying the above three skill sets in branding, brand-refreshing, and rebanding, we specialize in creating AIXD to connect a brand’s value propositions, products or services to its clients, customers, and target audience.

As AI is rapidly expanding in all services and industries, our AIXD consultants and designers play a crucial role in designing a user-centric AI experience. We guide our clients to think in the end-users’ shoes, with design thinking and human touch, we create a customized AI experience at every touch point, till the end of the customer journey.

AIXD is more than technical UI or UX coding or app development. It is about guiding AI to suit a brand’s unique way of communicating and connecting with its target audience, in its own brand voice, with its own brand persona, and by its own AI and human hybrid experience design.

We at 10 Plus Brand are proud to be on the cutting edge of creating both a brand journey, and an AI Experience Design for both B2B and B2C companies.