Brand Equity Building, Branding & Rebranding a Company: at Birth, Growth & Rebirth

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Rebrand, brand build, brand management are never-ending processes at a company’s birth, growth, and rebirth, and brand equity leads to superb ROI. 

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A successful company can become a brand. A recognized brand has brand equity. 

Brand equity can be used as collateral for bank loans that fuel further growth, AND

Upon exit and sale, brand equity can multiply EBITDA 4X (if valuation is at the 3rd tier), or 20X (if valued at the highest 1st tier).

Build brand equity –  at birth, during growth, and upon rebirth

At birth: 

For startups, entrepreneurs starting their own companies, career changers leaving the corporate world to strike out on their own… learn from Steve Jobs’ genius: start with a brand, not just a product or service. 

10 Plus Brand, Inc. has worked with many founders and CEOs in high tech, B2B services and consultancies to establish and develop their brands, with our proprietary DNA decoding, and creating brand content and identity, then amplifying with website, SEO, LinkedIn, videos, digital marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.

During growth:  

More than seeking growth for a book of business, growing your own brand can lead to the compounding effect of multiplying value –  in both your products and services AND in your company’s worth. Apple is one of the success stories, thanks to Steve Jobs’ vision.

For those of you who are planning to sell your company in about two to four years, to get the most value out of your sale, NOW is the time to at least refresh your brand, and create the most brand equity in order to maximize your company’s value. – Get a brand audit first from 10 Plus Brand, Inc. and decide what needs to be done. Just like doing some renovation and upgrading before you sell your house, you will get it all back!

Upon rebirth:

When a company is sold to a new owner, post M&A, the new owner always has a different vision, even a different business model, and surely a different brand persona for the newly acquired company. That’s when rebranding is needed upon “rebirth”.

In fact, for private equity portfolios, while a company is being restructured after PE’s purchase, it is a golden opportunity for the restructured portfolio company to be rebranded, with a new logo, website, look and feel that are consistent with new brand strategies and content.  We at 10 Plus Brand offer BOTH brand strategy consulting and brand identity and content creation. 

Brand build, brand management, rebrand are never-ending processes

A brand is a living, breathing, changing, growing thing, like a human body that demands constant feeding and grooming, and a house that always requires maintenance and upkeep.  

The moment you stop paying attention to the health of your brand, your customers’ needs, your competitors’ advancements, your brand starts to go stale and even deteriorates. 

Brand management, brand build, and rebrand are like a marathon. It is a long term investment.  

You know why McDonald’s has remained one of the strongest brands on Earth? 

For decades McDonald’s has made it an “absolute” investment expenditure, that a percentage of annual revenue gets reinvested in advertising and brand marketing, every single year.  In 2021, McDonald’s spent a total of $377.6 million on advertising, compared to $325.5 million in 2020.  (

On top of that constant spending on brand marketing, McDonald’s never stops innovating its  brand messaging, products, and services.  That’s why McDonald’s has always remained relevant to the changing market globally, and to the changing tastes and preferences of consumers.

If the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time to plant a tree is TODAY.

Whether your company is at birth, growth, or rebirth, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by retaining a multiple award winning branding agency such as 10 Plus Brand, to audit, refresh, build, and rebuild your brand. 10 Plus Brand is globally recognized as the expert in deep branding.

We also do personal branding for highly seasoned B2B professionals, leaders, influencers.

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