Our SEO Experts Deliver RESULTS with Bespoke SEO Architecture, Based on Brand Positioning

10 Plus Brand SEO experts excel in search engine optimization in two areas: (1) Working with our brand DNA decoding team and content writing team, they build initial SEO architecture customized for each client, and (2) they deliver outstanding SEO results subsequently with ongoing SEO strategy for content creation.

Our SEO consultants stand above all other SEO specialists because we know the unique value propositions for each of our clients, by decoding their brand DNA. After we establish brand strategies and brand positioning, with an overarching content strategy, we integrate brand elements with SEO strategy, in order to secure long term and high level visibility on the internet for our clients. 

The initial SEO structure is the foundation for the success of content creation. Our ghost-writers continue the well formulated SEO strategy, and write original and high authority content for our clients.  We use both AI technology to track trending keywords and human intelligence to align each client’s brand essence with prevailing topics. We are proud of the results, measured by analytics and our clients’ bottom line: Most of our clients have seen increases in client acquisition, revenue, and profit.

By making our clients’ brand messaging stand above the crowd with strategies, content, and technology, our 10 Plus Brand SEO Team has won multiple awards year after year, as the top SEO agency in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the State of California. What differentiates 10 Plus Brand, Inc. from all other search engine optimization agencies is our focus on our clients’ UNIQUE brand elements and messaging. After all, we are first and foremost a globally recognized brand building, branding, brand marketing agency.

Once we have decoded your brand DNA with brand content to establish your unique brand positioning, Search Engine Optimization adds fuel to the fire.

Results: Our clients’ websites score more than 90%, as measured by Google’s metrics. (Example below.) Most importantly, our clients attract more and better clients, thanks to 10 Plus Brand’s superb brand strategists, content writers, SEO experts, and web team.

SEO for your brand, with your brand, of your brand – the award winning 10 Plus Brand SEO Team turns your business into a thought leader, influencer, and a power brand.

We integrate SEM technicality with brand content – website verbiage, social media postings, blogs, videos, podcasts… all based on your brand’s unique value proposition.

We first architect a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, before we carefully select and deploy Google keywords, internal links, and external linking for SEM, online visibility, crawl-ability, and Google ranking.

We ghostwrite high quality, customized, and highly helpful blog posts for our clients, to build brand equity and to elevate them to be authorities and thought leaders in their fields. We seamlessly integrate each brand’s elements with Google’s trending keywords, based on Google’s EEAT (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness).

We also conduct keyword research and search audits, diagnose issues, and inform clients what are the low hanging fruit that gets the most bang for their buck.

10 Plus Brand always takes a consultative and coaching approach for all the eight areas of brand building.  More than mere consulting, we deliver specific, tailor-made results: LinkedIn profiles for both individuals and company pages, website content, web design and development, video production of brand promotional videos and client testimonial videos, original content writing for organic search and repurposing curated content on social media, – all with customized SEO and SEM.