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We are a full-service, multimedia branding and digital marketing agency.

As a globally recognized brand strategist, brand coach, branding expert, content creator, marketing consultant, 10 Plus Brand builds business brands and personal brands, creates brand strategy, brand identity, and brand messaging.

We transform merely successful companies and individuals into powerful brands.

Latest Insights on Brand Building & Marketing

Brand Audit - Why, When, & How

Companies must not wait until sales drop to start brand audits, which will be too little, too late. To stay ahead of your competition, do it once a year, best by the same agency that originally branded the company, per Joanne Z. Tan, global branding expert, brand strategist.

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Brand Culture & Company Culture

Brand culture embodies workplace culture. Brand culture can catalyze changes in company culture by aligning attitudes, actions, behaviors with brand values. Aligning brand culture with workplace culture raises productivity, profit, and brand loyalty.

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AI Experience Design (AIXD)

Your AI experience design can lose your customers, if you don’t put your customer experience first. Do you understand every detail about your customers’ pain points, desires, preferences, etc?

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We go above and beyond AI and marketing: strategized, customized, and humanized brand building and brand marketing, for your UNIQUE brand.

THANK YOU, our loyal clients, for the honor and the privilege of serving you, growing with you, and learning from you, today and tomorrow.

1st, we are brand builders

As your brand coach and brand marketing consultant, with a proprietary, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive approach, we brand-build, rebrand, and refresh existing brands for growth companies, B2B services, post M&A rebranding, technology companies, funded or VC-backed startups, mid-market and small businesses, non-profit organizations, and PE portfolio companies during restructuring.  The scope of our consulting services encompasses brand audit, brand positioning, unique value propositions, brand strategy, brand culture, content strategy, SEO architecture, AI Experience Design (AIXD). Beyond advice, we deliver specifics such as branded websites, LinkedIn profiles, SEO, videos, original content. We have elevated business brands, some have increased 25% – 40% more clientele three years in a row and counting.

As your personal branding expert and executive coach, we create LinkedIn profiles, bios, and resumes for board members, executives, leaders, highly seasoned B2B professionals and business owners. Using our proprietary process, we do the deep diving and heavy lifting to give you clarity, vision, and strategies that lead to your uniquely powerful LinkedIn profile and CV. We are proud to have elevated leaders to reach their next level of career advancement or become authorities in their fields. In 2023, we won more than 28 awards in all areas of our expertise, ranked as the top full digital service agency by prestigious rating services, and won Global Award and Champion Award, as the “best of the best” by Clutch.

2nd, we are content creators

After we decode a brand’s DNA, we create brand messaging and tell brand stories verbally and visually, to create brand persona and brand voice.  We develop website content centered around brand DNA, and custom code each website based on its brand structure, narratives, and visual design.  We ghost write original, high authority content for website blogs and social media, or get them published in prestigious trade magazines. We create and produce podcasts, videos, PR campaigns, ads, and presentation materials.

3rd, we are digital marketers

We elevate content stature with SEO architecture uniquely designed for our clients. We combine AI enabled digital marketing with human intelligence to amplify and multiply a brand’s influence with social media marketing, influencer marketing, AI Experience Design (AIXD) for B2B and B2C customer facing companies, using AI metrics and analytics for business branding, personal branding, executive branding or professional branding. We perform LinkedIn optimization for LinkedIn company pages and LinkedIn personal profiles.

What Our Clients Said About Us

Decode | Create | Amplify

DECODE - Business Brand DNA | Brand Position & Repositioning | Rebranding | Brand Culture | Brand Audit | Personal Branding | AI Experience Design (AIXD)

CREATE - Brand Strategies, Structures, Stories | Original Content | Visual Identity - logo, business name, slogan | look and feel

AMPLIFY - Videos | Websites | SEO | AI Digital Content Marketing | Blogs, Podcast, Social Media

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Decode - Brand DNA

Brand DNA

Brand Coach, Marketing Consultant | Unique Value Propositions | Market Analysis | Business Model | Go-to-Market Strategies | Brand Structure | Brand Positioning | LinkedIn Profiles, Bio, Resume | Executive Coaching | Personal Branding | Brand Culture | Brand Audit

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Create - Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Business Name | Slogan, Tagline | Logo Brand Look & Feel | Website Photos | LinkedIn Headshots | Brand Design | Graphics | Images

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Create - Website Content & Design

Website Content & Design

Web Content - Verbal & Visual | Website Design | Web Development, Custom Coding | Website Content & Blog Ghost Writing | Brand Storytelling

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Create - Video Production

Video Production

Brand Promotional Videos | Testimonials Videos | Podcast Production | TV Commercials | Ads | Corporate Training Videos | Corporate Videos

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Amplify - Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Influencer Marketing | PR Campaign | Advertising | AI Experience Design (AIXD) | AI & Human Intelligence hybrid Content Marketing

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Amplify - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Strategy | Keyword Research | SEO Audit | Backlinks | Blogging, Ghost writing | Internal & External Link Building | SEM | Google Ranking | PPC | Organic Search

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About - Our Teams, Partners

Our Teams, Partners

Brand Strategists | Content Writers | LinkedIn Profilers Visual Branding Experts | Graphic Designers Website Designers & Developers | SEO experts Video Production Crew | LinkedIn Portraits Photographer

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CLIENTS - Testimonials


For all aspects of our multimedia Brand building and brand marketing One-stop-shop full services

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INSIGHT - Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs

Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs

Our own articles
Our vlogs - video blogs
Our podcasts
Our webinars

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INTERVIEWS - Notables & Influencers

Notables & Influencers

"Interviews of the notables and influencers" by Joanne Tan, on current affairs, technology, cultures, the arts, politics, society, governmental polices, and "What does your brand stand for?"

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We Help Your Brand Stand For Something, As Your Brand Builder And Marketer.

Brand = profits + culture + leadership.

We are a brand’s long-term partner.

We build your brand to lift your bottom line.

We establish a brand as a thought leader online.

Power Brand

We build your BRAND to raise your stature, bottom line, and influence

Brand DNA | Market Analysis | Business Branding Strategies | Personal Branding | Executive Coaching | Content Creation | Videos & Websites

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Our Mission

  • (1) Find out what your brand stands for, inside out.
  • (2) Spotlight your brand’s heart, soul, and mind.
  • (3) Increase your brand power, clientele, and revenue.

We root for your brand.

Our work is not done until your brand is a success.