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Amplify Your Brand with AI Curated Content Marketing, Original Writing, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

The way to build trust, confidence, and influence for your brand is by creating substantive content of your own, by repurposing curated content on a regular basis, and by posting them in a brand-enhancing manner both technically and substantively. – We do all these for you, expertly.

In addition to ghost-writing high quality original blogs and articles on your behalf, we carefully select AI-generated repurposed content, summarize and SEO each piece with a unique and captivating brief description and hashtags relevant to both the article AND your brand (for both original and curated content). We then act as your “social media alter ego” by posting them on LinkedIn and other relevant social media.

With persistent and regular online drip marketing, we nurture your brand’s growth and stature as a thought leader in your industry.

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Content Marketing with AI + Human Intelligence

Digital Marketing Subscription | Curated Content Marketing with AI & Human Intelligence hybrid | Weekly Social Media posting (4-5 posts/wk)

With an annual subscription plan, you can rely on us to regularly and consistently generate weekly postings of high quality curated content related to your brand’s elements, thanks to both AI/machine learning and our human intelligence to customize each article’s summary, hashtags, and other digital marketing related work.

The AI + HI collaboration then posts content on your social media several times a week.

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Original Content Writing

Blogs | Newsletters | Email Campaigns | Speech Writing | PR | Executive & Board Bios, Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles

Let the power of words spread your brand power.

We ghost-write your monthly or semi-monthly original blogs related to various aspects of your brand. To both your target audience and the Google Search Engine, original writing always has the most power in developing thought leadership, ranking, leads, and clients. Not only do we write them for you, we also do the link-building and other SEO work before posting every original blog on your website and social media.

We also create tailor-made content for company newsletters, email campaigns (using various CRM tools,) executive speeches, and other content of digital marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.

We have helped many aspiring executives with writing their board bios, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles.

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Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Thought Leadership Establishment | Customized Messaging | Link & Hashtag building

We customize your digital marketing after we select the most fitting social media platforms based on your business models and brand persona, for B2B services such as accounting firms, law firms, executive coaches, consulting firms, investment bankers, attorneys, CPAs, small businesses, mid market companies, corporate America, and executives in C-suites.

Our aim is to help your brand to become an influential power with appropriate and skillful leverage of social media.

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Let the Power of Words Spread Your Brand Power