10 Plus Brand, Inc’s “Secret Sauce” for being rated as a top full service digital marketing  company by three rating services

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10 Plus Brand shares its “secret sauce” for receiving award & recognition from 3 rating agencies for B2B services with 36 awards in 2023.


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2. 6. 36.

In 2021, we won only two awards, one from Clutch, a prestigious ranking service relied on by most B2B companies.

In 2022, we won six awards.

In 2023, we won 28 awards from Clutch, and eight more from other rating agencies, total: 36!

In three years, from two to 36 awards – what is our “secret sauce”?

The answer is both simple and hard to do: lay the brand foundation right – make it deep, wide, and solid. We call it “brand DNA decoding” or “deep branding”, with our proprietary process. 

Upon this foundation, we build the brand structure, and then put the meat on the bone – brand messaging content, as the first floor. We then create brand identity, i.e. business name, tagline, logo, look and feel, graphic design visuals, as the second floor; then the website, custom coded, as the third floor; and we keep building it, floor by floor, brick by brick: SEO, videos, original blogging, curated content, social media marketing, etc.

And it works.

But if we did not build a strong foundation in the first place, everything on top won’t lead to continuous success for our clients. It will be a “leaning tower of Pisa” rather than a tall and straight skyscraper.  

Having a solid foundation per se is not a guarantee for the quality of all floors above it. Thanks to the outstanding teams at 10 Plus Brand, we meticulously build every floor with craftsmanship, to create and amplify each brand’s unique value proposition, brand persona and content, step by step, day by day.

We don’t believe in “overnight success”, we never promise any instant gain, we don’t offer game-like lead gen campaigns that may be a waste of your money, and we don’t sell you anything superficial. We help you get the most bang for your marketing buck, sometimes by reaching the low-hanging fruit, sometimes by investing in what matters the most for the long term

Steadfastly and surely, we elevate a merely successful business to be a BRAND, to be an industry leader, whether it is a company’s business brand, or a personal brand on LinkedIn.

We coach, consult, mentor, strategize.

We deliver specific products and services.

We deliver RESULTS.

Growing a brand, business or personal, is an unrelenting process

Our clients’ websites are often rated the highest by Google Metrics. They stand above the crowd, differentiated from their peers and competitors. They attract more and better clients.

Our motto is: the whole nine yards is not enough, we go 10+ to exceed your expectations.

Most importantly, every member at 10 Plus Brand lives by this: we are not successful if YOU are not successful. We are your partner, in the trenches with you. We grow together. 

We always strive to do better and to up our game.

If you care to know about what these awards are, below is a list. Thank you!

Awards from three ranking agencies over three years

By Clutch’s rating, 10 Plus Brand is a top agency in more than 16 categories in these cities (To see the actual awards):

  1. Top full service digital company in San Francisco
  2. Top content marketing company in San Francisco
  3. Top web design company, e commerce, San Francisco
  4. Top commercial production company, San Francisco
  5. Top filming company, San Francisco
  6. Top digital strategy company, San Francisco
  7. Top SEO company, San Francisco
  8. Top inbound marketing company, San Francisco
  9. Top interview and testimonial production company, San Francisco
  10. Top script writing company, San Francisco
  11. Top storyboarding company, San Francisco
  12. Top video production company, Napa
  13. Top visual effects company, San Jose
  14. Top casting company, San Francisco
  15. Top design company, …
  16. Top branding company,…
  17. Top … (To see the actual awards)

Expertise.com, another B2B services ranking provider, has honored 10 Plus Brand, Inc. with multiple awards in these categories and cities (To see the actual awards): 

  1. 10 Plus Brand is ranked as one of the best SEO agencies in San Francisco, 2023
  2. 10 Plus Brand is ranked as one of the best web designers in Concord, CA, 2023
  3. 10 Plus Brand is ranked as one of the best advertising agencies in Concord, CA, 2023.

DesignRush, another ranking agency, recognised 10 Plus Brand, Inc. in five areas such as (To see the actual awards):

  1. 10 Plus Brand is ranked as one of the Top Brand Strategy Agencies, 2023
  2. 10 Plus Brand is ranked as one of the Top Branding Agencies in California, 2023
  3. 10 Plus Brand is ranked as one of the Top Video Production Companies in California, 2023
  4. 10 Plus Brand is recognized in their press release as one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies, 2023
  5. 10 Plus Brand is recognized in their press release as one of the Top Social Media Marketing Agencies, 2023

10 Plus Brand honors and thanks team members, clients, and referral partners 

Our heartfelt thanks to our teams of world class writers, web developers and designers, SEO experts, video production crew, our clients, and our referral partners. We could not have achieved so much without you! Thank you! 


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