Our Mission:

(1) Find out what your brand stands for, inside out.
(2) Spotlight your brand’s heart, soul and mind.
(3) Increase your revenue, success, & happiness.

Three Teams:

Joanne Leads three teams of highly skilled professionals to serve a client’s brand in a unified fashion:

(1) Writers & editors. They are highly educated and creative. They write branding content with SEO key words, and script brand-marketing blogs/vlogs;
(2) A talented & experienced video production crew & motion graphic designers;
(3) Artistic and skillful graphic and website designers and web-developers.

Five Skills:

Joanne Tan is the founder and CEO of 10+ Visual Branding, also known as Joanne Tan Visual Branding. Joanne has a law degree and MBA marketing training. She was a journalist editor and designer. She’s an award winning professional photographer and an artist. She provides consulting and coaching skills as a brand strategist and advisor, content creator, and video producer, with a highly individualized process: crafting & polishing a “rock” into a “gem”. Joanne acts as a brand-owner’s “mirror,” “digger,” and “spotlight.”

(1) Law degree, marketing training
(2) Award Winning Photographer
(3) Consultant, Brand Advisor
(4) Content Creator
(5) Video Producer & Director

We assist businesses and professionals honing and refreshing their brands, and advise them with brand-marketing strategies. We focus on content, video, website, to extend their market reach to their target audience. We make sure that 1) a business has a strong brand, and 2) that brand will sell.

We are three teams of highly skilled branding professionals. We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals to craft their brand in a unified fashion. Our services include content writing & editing, SEO keywords, video production, website design, and regular blogging/vlogging. We are a multimedia firm. Joanne Tan contributes a law degree, marketing training, journalist experience, award-winning professional photography to this process.

As a brand-marketing strategist & advisor, content creator, video producer, Joanne and her talented teams have substantially increased companies’ Google ranking & business volume. we provide a company’s marketing campaign with the “driver” – brand-marketing content, and the “engine” – a brand-promotional video, and the “vehicle” – a branded website. We celebrate a brand’s authentic uniqueness.

We also do brand marketing analysis, social media marketing and advertising. We produce TV commercials, graphic design, professional portraits and website photos.

“If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million.” – Forester’s Research.

First and foremost, as your brand expert, and your brand-marketing advisor, we go deep to the DNA of a business, to hone or refresh your brand.

We then spotlight a brand’s authentic uniqueness, with:

  • Brand marketing strategies.
  • Branding content.
  • Brand-promotional video.
  • Branded website.
  • Branding b/vlogs.

Content. Video. Websites.  “A better world, one brand at a time.”

Substance + Artistry.  “Celebrate Authentic Uniqueness.”

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