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We’ve gotten where we are because of YOU, our loyal clients. We are privileged to serve you, grow with you, and learn from you, today and tomorrow.


As a multiple award-winning, full service branding agency, and recognized as “the Best of the Best”, We do the “whole 10 yards” of brand-building, branding, and brand marketing for businesses, including but not limited to technology companies, small and mid sized growth companies, legacy brands, pre M&A brand audits, post merger rebranding, VC backed startups, PE portfolio companies during restructuring,  and B2B service firms such as legal, accounting, investment, business consulting, and non-profit organizations.

In personal branding, we develop professional brands for individuals with LinkedIn profiles, bios, resumes for public and private board members, founders and CEOs, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, executive coaches, business consultants,  attorneys, CFOs, CPAs, and more.

We are experts in these areas:

  1. Brand Strategist | Executive Coach | Branding Expert | Career Coach
  2. Corporate Brand Builder | Brand Marketing Consultant | Brand DNA Decoding
  3. Personal Branding | LinkedIn Profiles | Bio, Resume (CV)
  4.  Brand Auditing | Pre M&A Brand Equity Assessment | Post Merger Rebranding
  5. Content Creator | Ghost Writer | Speechwriter
  6. Website Designer, Developer, Custom Coder | SEO expert
  7. Video Production Crew | Photographer | Graphic Designer
  8. Advertising | PR | Social Media Marketing
  9. AI Experience Designer (AIXD) for B2B & B2C companies

How It All Began

The Evolution of 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

10 Plus Brand, Inc. evolved over more than a decade from a photographic studio (“Poem And Art Studio”) into a video, content, website marketing agency (“Joanne Tan Visual Branding, LLC”). The company later expanded and was renamed (“10+ Visual Branding”). It has now grown into a full service branding and digital marketing agency (“10 Plus Brand, Inc.”), under the leadership of Joanne Tan, founder and CEO.

Under the flagship 10 Plus Brand, 10PlusProfile.com, as a subsidiary website, is dedicated to LinkedIn branding with customized LinkedIn profile strategies, personal branding content, and SEO optimization for both LinkedIn personal and company pages.

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10 Plus Brand’s Leader, Teams, & Partners

10 Plus Brand Teams: Multidisciplinary Processes | Diverse Talents | Comprehensive Services

To secure your brand-recognition in the marketplace, the following 10 Plus Brand teams of experienced specialists are your brand’s partner, advisor, brand coach, and content creator. We elevate your brand to inform, inspire, and empower your target audience with these resources:

  • – “Army” – highly skilled writers with JD or MBA degrees. We ghost-write high authority, original content to establish thought leadership for our clients;
  • – “Navy” – Our experienced video production crew consists of expertise in scriptwriting, directing, videography, photography, motion graphic design.
  • – “Air Force” – Skilled website custom coders, designers, web developers; experts in SEO & social media marketing.

To make your brand sing with one unified voice, our CEO Joanne Tan acts as a “Commander in Chief”, leading the 10 Plus Troops to win your battles and maintain your leadership in the competitive market.

After our in-depth brand marketing analysis, we turn a website and/or a LinkedIn profile into a powerful brand, to establish your leading edge and stature above your competitors. We help you achieve your goals –  be it becoming an influencer and leader in your field, or generating leads, clients, sales, referrals, and loyal brand followers.

Founder & CEO, Joanne Z. Tan


Brand Strategist, Branding Expert, Brand Coach, Marketing Consultant, Executive Coach, Career Coach:

Joanne Z. Tan is a Leader and Influencer in Brand Strategy, Content Creation, Branding,  Brand Audit, and Brand Management.

  • Increased business volume by 25-40% for some clients,
  • Played a pivotal role in securing corporate board positions, senior executive roles, and career transitions for leaders,
  • Helped startups exceed fundraising goal by 200%,
  • Elevated some companies from local to national brands, doing business in all 50 states,
  • Keynote speaker at various global, national, and prestigious summits, conferences, and events,
  • LinkedIn Top Voice in Brand Management, Personal Branding, Content Strategy, etc.

Joanne Tan contributes these skills, experience, and talents to her expanding agency:

Executive coaching

  • Brand Coach, Brand Strategist, Branding Expert, and Marketing Consultant for both corporate branding and personal branding.
  • Mentor, coach, and consult CEOs and C-suite executives.
  • Career Coach for in-house attorneys, Association of Corporate Counsel (in 83 countries, with 46,000 members).
  •  Featured speaker at Private Directors Association’s national summit on personal branding for board members and executives.

Law degree & Liberal Arts Education

  • Analytical & strategic skills
  • Distilling vast amounts of information to its gist
  • liberal arts bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brandeis University.

Training in business

  • Accounting, Marketing,
  • Organizational Behavior, Insurance

Professional journalist, editor, and designer

  • Investigative, listening, story-telling, and headlining skills
  • architectural design & design thinking


  • professional award winning photographer
  • director, producer, scriptwriter for brand promotional videos
  • painter, poet, writer

Board Member

Advisory Board Member for “Growing To Give”, a global non-profit organization in ag-tech & climate tech for food production using less water and resources.

“Nurturing brands is my passion. Seeing my clients achieve their success is the most fulfilling thing for me. I thrive on both strategic analysis and artistic creativity”, says Joanne Tan.

Described as “multi-disciplined, multi-skilled and talented”, Joanne loves working with clients to analyze their business models and marketing strategies, create  brand messaging, content strategy, and guide brand management in building and marketing business and personal brands. She developed a proprietary process for brand DNA decoding, which is used in both business branding and personal branding. As a personal branding expert and a career coach, she works 1:1 with leaders, board members, executives, business owners, and B2B professionals in personal branding and creating their LinkedIn profiles, bios, and resumes.

Joanne was a mentor to tech startups and advised on all aspects of business strategies. With more than a decade of experience working with CEOs and the C-suite, angel investors, and VCs, she became one of the few permanent female judges for startup pitching competitions in Silicon Valley.

In addition to hosting and producing “Interviews of Notables and Influencers” podcast series, and producing 10 Plus Brand Newsletters to which there are 17,000 subscribers and counting, Joanne holds many volunteering roles, such as:

– Corporate Sponsorship Committee Chair at the Private Directors Association, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter;

– Member of the East Bay Leadership Council (in Northern California);

– Advisory Board Member for a global nonprofit organization “Growing to Give” (with patented AgTech solutions, it helps climate vulnerable areas increase per capita food production and achieve food security).

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Teams & Partners

Dr. Victor P.

  • Consultant
  • Organizational culture
  • People management

Jeannette C.

Brand identity designer

  • Award-winning multi facet brand and rebrand graphic identity designer for 20+ years.
  • Served a variety of companies including multi billion dollar high tech companies’ visual designs of corporate identities.

Michael C.

Corporate logo designer

  • 34 years of experience, a prominent and internationally recognized corporate logo and signage designer.

Susan O.


  • 15 years of content development as a journalist and writer, excelling at organizational storytelling and targeted messaging.

Joe K.

PPC, Google Ad Words

  • With proprietary software, Joe and his team are one of the top 1% of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) experts in the nation. He and the team also do Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Mobile Ads.

Abhishek J.

Web development, website design, SEO, SEM Team Leader

  • Website custom coding, development and design, Internal & External link building, broken link fixing, Google Core Web Vitals, Google keywords, Google Ad Words, and everything related to SEO on websites.

Prabeen S.

Website custom coder, developer, designer.

  • Website maintenance
  • Updating
  • Upgrading

Doug S.

Team leader, graphic design

  • Graphic design, logo, visuals, images.

Anna S.

Content Writer

Jeremy F.

Team Leader, Videography & photography

  • More than 15 years of experience in videography and photography.

Gail K.

  • Lead Magnet
  • Lead Generation
  • CRM Director
  • Social Media Marketing Expert

David L.

Digital Marketing & Data Management

  • Facebook, Google, and social media ads creation and tracking. Video editor.
  • Production assistant for podcasts, vlogs, and webinars.
  • Social Media Marketing, AI enabled digital marketing.

Dennis D.

  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Production Manager

Delaney “Daley” T.

General Admin

  • Data management and organization.
  • Data Analytics.
  • General admin.
  • Video production assistant.

Phil T.


Jayapal D.

  • Software engineer
  • App developer
  • AI
  • SaaS
  • Technology Consultant

Marc B

SEO Specialist

Brand | Culture | Legacy