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Internet branding with LinkedIn profile optimization and website content marketing with AI is key to sustained profitability and growth.

COVID-19 has increased the number of online customers and their digital sophistication. Doing business online has increased 40% since the pandemic started. The primary platforms are LinkedIn and website.  To connect to their target audience, businesses and B2B professionals need to up their internet branding game to get a message across impactfully. 

Technology companies, C-suite executives, B2B service firms and professionals, and mid market and small businesses all need to adjust with better digital marketing, to address the needs of both their businesses and that of their clients during COVID-19 and in a future New Normal.

Getting and doing business ONLINE is the New Normal

The post pandemic world will be leaner (hopefully not meaner), more efficient, more innovative, more online, and more tech-driven. 

  1. Has COVID19 impacted your business? Your clientele? Your marketing strategies?

  2. What are the challenges you are facing in NETWORKING for business online?

  3. What are the challenges you are facing in GETTING business online (lead generation, prospecting, sales, and other referral opportunities)?

  4. What can you do to create a strong business BRAND presence on your website and LinkedIn?

More than “WHAT” and “HOW”: What does it FEEL like to work with you?

About 95% of website descriptions, LinkedIn company pages, and individual profiles are all about WHAT we/I can do, and HOW we/I do it, – all the upper-brain, executive function stuff for the cerebral cortex: logic, numbers, abstract concepts, and language. Your own brand persona and brand voice are just not there. Your unique value propositions get lost in a sea of similar content all over the internet. Nothing distinguishes you from your peers or competitors. 

However, we humans make decisions first based on trust, – which is a feeling and an instinct. We later justify that gut feeling with our pre-frontal lobe’s analysis and logic.  What drives a client to hire you is first: “Do I trust you? Do I like you?”  Then and only then, “Can you do the job well?” 

Most websites and LinkedIn profiles fail to deliver the holistic impression that conveys what it feels like to work with you. Of course you should first neatly structure your WHAT and HOW, and make it easy for the readers’ eyes and brains AND for the Google Search Engine’s crawlers. SEO keywords need to be cleverly wrapped up in your brand-stories. But the second part is harder:  you need to be showing more than what your mind can accomplish, but the soul and heart of your brand, with authentic and nuanced narratives about your WHYs.  

This will make it easy for your target audience to trust you and/or your company, and further engage your services or products. 

With Linkedin Profile, results matter 

Three months ago, my company added a new subsidiary website ( for LinkedIn profiling, LinkedIn business brand strategies, and LinkedIn personal branding. This new website, dedicated for LinkedIn profile optimization services only, is under the flagship website which is for business branding and digital marketing with content, videos, websites, and digital marketing on social media.  

In the last three months during COVID, 10 Plus Brand’s business volume has doubled. 

The following two true stories took place in the last couple of weeks, as examples to illustrate the above points:

The power of an outstanding LinkedIn Profile 

“Adam” was a highly experienced VP Finance with two Ivy League degrees. He advised and supported C-suites at some well-known Silicon Valley technology companies for almost two decades.  He was about to look for a Financial Executive or a CFO position for a mid to large technology company when he approached me for revising his LinkedIn profile.

After he answered many of my questions, we brainstormed over 6 sessions while writing,  revising and editing together over 5 drafts. 

Three days after his new LinkedIn profile was published, he got the job.  

The impact of online brand-building and regular content marketing

We recently refreshed “Ken” and his commercial insurance agency’s brand messaging on their website and did a complete LinkedIn makeover of both the company page and his personal profile. Ken’s agency subscribed to our AI-enabled digital content marketing package. The package consists of customized curated content and posting, as well as original blogs’ ghost writing, and social media marketing.  I said to him, “Don’t expect this “drip irrigation” to generate any instant gratification. It will take 6 – 12 months of regular posting, 4-5 days a week, before getting direct inquiries, leads and clients from LinkedIn.” He said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

We carefully selected high quality repurposed content and created customized summaries and hashtags for each post, 5-7 posts a week for the last 5-6 weeks. Prior to their subscribing to this package, for a couple of years we’d been ghost-writing original blog posts and posting them once a month.  A couple of days ago, I got his email: “Just got a referral from linkedIn. A commercial real estate broker has a client with multiple properties looking for insurance. He told the client to call me directly.”

10 Plus Brand is here to help you tackle digital marketing challenges

We always love to under-promise and over-deliver.  But we did not expect the speed of getting results for these two clients to be this fast. This is exceptional. That is the goal of an ecommerce rfp   We are both pleasantly surprised and humbled.  If anything, it proves that 1) people are indeed relying on digital marketing platforms such as LinkedIn and websites to search for and vet businesses a lot more than before, thanks to COVID, and 2) our clients like Adam and Ken are highly qualified, experienced, and well prepared. We are lucky and privileged to serve them. These two true stories have proven the points in this article.

Please do not hold unrealistic expectations that the results like Adam and Ken are exactly repeatable for every client of ours at all times.  We always do the very best we can to help our clients, but we cannot guarantee what, when, and how our clients will reach their goals.

We rise by lifting others

We are not successful until you are successful. 

If you’d like to have a candid chat with us, so we can listen to your needs, wants, pain points, etc., please feel free to call (408) 337-2318 for an initial evaluation where we can offer you customized insights, tips, and ideas about building a business or a personal brand online.

Or feel free to visit our websites:  (LinkedIn profiles & LinkedIn company pages) (Brand building/rebranding/brand refreshing with content, website, video, SEO, digital marketing)  This is our “flagship” website.

Thank you.

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