Let your LinkedIn Profile Open More Doors For You

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Let your LinkedIn Profile Open More Doors For You

Thank you for opening our last newsletter about “Online branding & marketing during Covid-19”.  As I promised, not a minute of your valuable time will be wasted, with our value-packed newsletter content.

We are excited to share with you the launch of https://10plusprofile.com/, focusing on LinkedIn profiling, LinkedIn brand building, to put your best foot forward with LinkedIn marketing.

While everyone is relying on the internet as the lifeline to the world, your digital first impression on LinkedIn will open or close the door to your prospects and job opportunities.

We help you, professionals and businesses owners, generate more leads, clients, and work opportunities with a profile that stands out, as your personal and business brand.

Check it out, and tell me what you think!  https://10plusprofile.com/  Your feedback is highly appreciated – you don’t have to sign up if you are not yet ready for the services, just wanted your input about this website, so we can better improve it for those in need.

Next, we are refreshing our “flagship” website, https://10plusbrand.com/, will update you when it is done. We are passionate about creating your own brand and telling your stories.

Thank you.

Joanne Tan, CEO, Brand Strategist, 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

The 10 Plus Brand Team

(Phone:) 1-888-288-4533

(Email:) LinkedInHelp@10PlusProfile.com

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