We elevate brand power for businesses, leaders, and B2B professionals with brand positioning, strategic branding, and brand management, to achieve brand awareness, brand recognition, and revenue growth.

Decode – Brand DNA

We use a proprietary process for decoding brand DNA, brand elements, company culture, brand strategy, and brand design, as your brand strategist, brand consultant, and brand coach.

Through brand audit, rebranding, and brand repositioning, we brand build both growth companies and legacy brands, B2B services, executive coaches, highly seasoned professionals, small business owners, funded technology startups, mid market companies, and private equity portfolios post M&A.

After decoding brand DNA in depth and width, using our unique multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, we then focus on content creation and branding, be it business branding, B2B branding, corporate branding, or Linkedin profile personal branding.

Create – Content Development: Brand Messaging, Brand Visuals, Brand Experience

10 Plus Brand excels at content creation in all forms – brand narratives, website design, custom coded web development, brand promotional video production, custom logo design, SEO, ghost writing blog posts, content development for podcasts, advertising, AI enabled digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing … Whether it is drip marketing or a brand campaign, we deliver ROI results that are proven by analytics data. We increase our customers’ business volume, clientele, and their bottom line.

We cover the whole 10 yards of brand building, brand marketing, brand consulting, and company branding, as your award-winning content writer, brand storyteller, brand video producer, website developer, SEO expert, brand consultant, and graphic designer.

Amplify – Content Optimization, Brand Marketing, Brand Power Amplification

Brand creation and brand development are only the beginning of a successful and lasting brand legacy. Persistently amplifying brand essence to its well-defined target audience with brand strategies and brand content is the key to winning customers’ trust and brand loyalty.

We connect a brand’s unique value propositions to their customers’ needs, psychologically and emotionally, with authenticity. Our highly experienced and skillful brand specialists, brand consultants, and branding experts deliver results with customized SEO, centered around brand elements, high quality original content writing, social media marketing and engagement, video marketing, podcast production, AI enabled content marketing, advertisement, lead generation, … all under a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for all digital media.

Decode | Create | Amplify

DECODE - Business Brand DNA | Brand Repositioning | Rebranding

CREATE - Brand Strategies, Structures, Stories | Original Content | Visual Identity - logo, business name, slogan | look and feel

AMPLIFY - Videos | Websites | AI Digital Content Marketing | Blogs, Podcast, Social Media

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Decode - Brand DNA

Brand DNA

Unique Value Propositions | Market Analysis | Business Model & Planning | Go-to-Market Tactics Strategies | Structures | Stories | Blog writing Website Content | LinkedIn - Business & Personal Profiles

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Create - Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Business Name | Slogan, Tagline | Logo Brand Look & Feel | Design Website Photos | Headshots

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Create - Videos


Brand Promotional Videos
TV Commercials | Ads
Training | Corporate

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Create - Websites, SEO

Websites, SEO

Web Content - Verbal & Visual Website Design | Development | Maintenance SEO | Graphics | Images | Google Core Web Vitals

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Amplify - Content Marketing

Content Marketing

AI Enabled Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Influencer Marketing AI & Human Intelligence hybrid Content Marketing

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About - Our Teams, Partners

Our Teams, Partners

Brand Strategists | Content Writers | LinkedIn Profilers Visual Branding Experts | Graphic Designers Website Designers & Developers | SEO experts Video Production Crew | LinkedIn Portraits Photographer

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CLIENTS - Testimonials


For all aspects of our multimedia Brand building and brand marketing One-stop-shop full services

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INSIGHT - Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs

Blogs, Podcasts, Vlogs

Our own articles
Our vlogs - video blogs
Our podcasts
Our webinars

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INTERVIEWS - Notables & Influencers

Notables & Influencers

"Interviews of the notables and influencers": - Current affairs, technology, cultures, the arts, politics, society, governmental polices, "What does your brand stand for?"

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