We Serve Small Businesses and Mid Market

We are a one-stop shop, full service, multi media branding and brand-marketing agency. We develop, manage and promote business brands to be recognized in the market. We brand and mentor small businesses and funded startups to establish their brands early on. We grow and protect their brands to become power brands.

We help brand or rebrand companies acquired by private equity firms, to increase brand equity for the new owners. We also work closely with M&A integration experts. Our experts have worked for more than 15 years for the largest PE firms such as Carlyle and have branded companies such as LG, Ampere, etc.As brand strategists and visual branding experts, we have a passion for serving small businesses, funded startups, professional services providers with brand-building, rebranding and brand-refreshing.

We refresh brands for established companies to grow to the next level. We are their PR and marketing consultant, or an outsourced CMO.

Our teams produce content writing, video production, website design and development. Our digital marketing team provides regular and persistent digital marketing services to establish a brand’s prestige and stature as an influencer and leader in its industry.

We decode a brand’s DNA to unleash its authentic power substantively and artistically, to inform, inspire, and empower its loyal customers and the brand’s employees and management. To help increase leads, sales, profits and brand awareness, we create brand strategies, persona, positioning and narratives based on comprehensive marketing plans and research. We create verbal and visual content, videos, websites, ghost-written blogs by our own writers, LinkedIn profile makeover optimization, SEO, SEM, PPC and social media and digital marketing, in order to connect to a brand’s target audience. We help a brand differentiate from their competitors. We amplify brand stories with AI-enabled digital marketing technology and original content.

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Believe in your uniqueness.
Acclaim your authentic power.

Viral Video Campaigns

We work with our clients to create videos about their brand that are loved and shared by their customers and friends.

Expert Content Creation

Spend time focusing on growing your business, and let us work on creating the content for your digital presence! We empower you with multidisciplinary content creation.

Targeted Landing Pages

We work with our clients to identify their target audience groups, and to create targeted landing pages for each audience group.

“If a picture is worth 1,000 words,
a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million.”

-Forester Research

Need a video?

Case Studies: Promotional Videos

We breathe life into words with powerful and artistic videos, after we have masterfully scripted your brand messages. Here are some samples

 Blackhawk Museum

Glenn Pekins’ Brand Video

CALHipso Video

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Services

To optimize an individual and/or a company’s LinkedIn profile messaging to their target audience, to get more connections, leads, sales, clients, and opportunities, we offer comprehensive services such as profile content strategies, writing, revising, and editing verbal narratives on LinkedIn, visual designs, headshots, and digital content marketing with original ghost writing as well as AI-enabled repurposed content marketing and LinkedIn account management services.

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