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Small, mid and large companies can develop into name brands by leveraging branding experts like 10 Plus Brand, Inc. & digital marketing.

Internet democratizes brand power

This day in age, a “solopreneur”, a family owned business, a mid-sized company and a multinational corporation all have the same digital platforms available for spreading their words, thanks to the internet. Technology and social media enable us all with equal access for both publicizing and accessing information. The internet has brought the world literally into one village. Mobile devices have revolutionized the speed and quantity of information. In my opinion, now is the golden age for what I call “deep” branding for small, mid, and large companies. Brand power no longer belongs only to power brands or companies with deep marketing budgets. Digital brand marketing power is democratized.

A brand starts with its vision

However, it is one thing to have the digital tools available, it is quite another to use them effectively to build and grow a power brand. Whether you want your brand to be like a palace, a skyscraper, or a dream house, it is your vision that starts the process. A vision is a company’s guiding star, often as a brand’s “tagline” or “slogan”. It is not exactly an “organizational purpose” or a “mission statement”. My last blog discussed briefly about this with examples of NASA & Nike. First, you need to know what you want, and why you want it (vision), based on realistic and visionary assessment of your dream, mission and goals.

To map out a brand’s DNA™ and create narratives

Next you need an “architectural design” (strategies) to put your plans in place, and high quality building materials (content) for teams of builders to bring all structural and artistic elements into reality, all in one harmonious voice of the brand.

A brand’s DNA™ is what it stands for. A tagline is birthed at the very end of this strategic and comprehensive brand DNA™ mapping process to which multi-disciplinary skills are simultaneously needed. Personally I find this process the most satisfying. It is the make-or-break factor. Either you end up with a strong and solid brand, like a skyscraper with 150 floors (and foundational roots deep below the surface), standing straight and tall, or it will be like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Establishing an authentic and long lasting brand persona is where the DNA™ becomes bone and flesh.

Next is to create powerful brand stories, to give the brand its heart and soul. Again, creating powerful narratives involve both sides of the brain: solid analytical skills and business savviness combined with creative artistry for both verbal and visual messaging. That’s what creative agencies do best. In my next blog, I will explain why “Content is the King, Engagement is the Queen,” and how powerfully they together contribute to a brand’s legacy and to a company’s bottom line.

Using digital media to get the brand message out with impact and speed

How many of us have too many “junk” emails, newsletters and solicitations in our inbox that we never read? I personally don’t even bother clicking on them. How many of us can’t wait to click the “X” on every popup ad, as if shooing away flies? If your business is using any of these tools without substantive and impactful BRAND messaging for the right people in the right way, or if you are relying solely on any of the automated marketing software and expecting miracles that it alone can generate quality leads and turn them into ideal clients, I ask you to refrain from wasting your money and time on them. Even worse, they may stain your brand. The fact that the internet is there 24/7 can have the side effect of diluting your brand-messaging with possible too much frequency, volume, and quantity. More is not better. Nowadays, more can lead to tuning out, or turning off.

Using highly artistic and substantive brand-promotional videos based on high quality scripts, and relevant and powerful visuals not only can increase verbal SEO power by about 53 times, but will give the brand its full dimension in connecting to its target audience. I will discuss this aspect in my later blogs. Well-crafted videos breathe life into the bone and flesh of the content.

Feeding and growing the brand will generate steady growth of profits

A brand is a living and breathing thing after it is created. Having a football in your hands does not mean scoring a touchdown. Sheer willpower to run down the field is not enough for winning the game without strategies, guidance, teamwork, tactics, and energy. Too many corporations are not nimble and fast in adopting new tactics and strategies. By playing with the same obsolete marketing mindset and methodologies, even with added new technologies and CRMs, will not generate better results. To borrow one of Apple’s taglines, now more than ever, CEOs, not just CMOs, must “think different.”

At 10 Plus Brand, we first help businesses with VISION honing their brands, so they are not just a mere financially successful company, but will grow into an excellent power brand. We help you know what your brand stands for, then we “walk the talk” to get your words out with innovative marketing programs, created to be for your brand, with your brand, of your brand, centered around your brand.

For an initial consultation, please call 1-888-232-2288, or email:

Written & © Joanne Tan, Aug. 11, 2018, updated July 4, 2021.
Edited by Glenn Perkins.
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