The Best Three Super Bowl 2023 Ads

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Super Bowl 2023 best three ads, ranked by 10 Plus Brand, Inc., a multiple award-winning, top advertising, TV commercial, video production agency.

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Our authority is recognized by leading rating services, who awarded us as the Top Advertising Agency, Top TV Commercial Agency, Top Full Service Digital Agency, Top Video Production Agency… among 36 awards in 2023 by prestigious B2B service rating companies such as Clutch.

Our criteria for judging the best three super bowl Ads

Year after year (this is the 4th year), we stick to the same criteria:

  1. No celebrities,
  2. No violence,
  3. No politics,
  4. No religion,
  5. No vulgarity, 
  6. No bad taste,
  7. The brand’s message comes across clearly and artistically with originality & integrity.

This year, a Super Bowl ad costs $6-7 million. Money does not guarantee quality and taste: Frankly, most ads are produced very much below par, with or without celebrities.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, 2023 Super Bowl Ads:

But there is one OUTSTANDING ad that satisfies all the above 7 requirements, EXCEPT #1: It has an actor, Paul Rudd. Nonetheless, I still want to single it out, because it did one of the most difficult things extremely well: tell a LOT within only 15 seconds:

Not only is the messaging simple, fun, and differentiated from all other alcohol ads – “Don’t judge me for drinking zero alcohol beer,”  but it’s also conveyed with visuals associated with being heroic, macho, and cool.  The contrast is powerful between the Marvel hero the “Antman” dressed to the tee, and a tiny wasp. So much is accomplished within ONLY 15 Seconds, Man! Yet so convincing, rich, simple and succinct.

Forgive me for making an exception this year, to honor this ad even with a “celebrity”, as one of a kind, first place winner: “Heineken 0.0 | Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania – Now You Can, Before Saving the Day!” (This title is longer than all the words in the ad.)

The 2nd place winner: Intuit Turbo Tax: “Don’t do your taxes”. The part of a snoring dad and his sleeping baby is particularly original, brilliant, drama free, speechless, and POWERFUL.  To speak to the vast majority of people who’d rather be outdoors in the spring, or spending time with their children than doing tax returns, the ad uses real life people, real life scenarios, to help us decide to buy, rather than sell to us, like “Let us do your taxes for you”.  By repeating this simple message it gives us the permission NOT to do taxes, and enjoy life. Instead of pushing a sale on us, it is empowering us.  Like the 1st place winner, the power is in the messaging, which can’t be substituted by special effects or celebrities.

Now, the 3rd place winner: “Love stories”, by  Various couples of all ages and sexual orientations are represented by real people, naturally relatable and diverse. They each celebrate their relationships in their own words, ending with #ShareYourLoveStory.   No need for over-dramatization or sensation, since, just like the ordinary people who don’t like to do taxes, it speaks to the ordinary people who want love stories of their own. (And of course more flowers and gifts are sold this way to appeal to everyday folks.)

By the way,

We at 10 Plus Brand accidentally have become a trendsetter:

2020: When we first started rating top Super Bowl Ads, 100% of super bowl ads were pre-released before the Big Game. That was the first time we said that we don’t rate ads with celebrities.

2021: 100% of ads without celebrities were pre released, as before. That was our 2nd year.

2022: 80% of ads without celebrities were pre released, and it turned out that those who held their cards too close to their vests did not win anyway. That was our 3rd year.

2023:  It seems that fewer than 80% of ads without celebrities were pre released.

Was it because what we are doing is making some ad executives worried that they would be voted out? If that is indeed the reason, I am happy that our ranking has made a difference in stimulating better, more wholesome, more artistic ads during Super Bowls.  

Again, if you don’t pre-release, you don’t get rated.

We the consumers deserve better quality ads.  Please do not cater to the lowest common denominator. Do the hard thing to create better messaging with originality and artistry, which will sell more products and services for you as well. 

Consult 10 Plus Brand BEFORE you script and film your ads. We are here to make it better for everyone.

Thank you!

© Joanne Z. Tan    All rights reserved.

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