Joanne Z. Tan’s 30 Seconds of Anything – Be Your Own Brand pt 2 of 3 – Joanne Z Tan’s Story

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Be Your Own Brand and Freedom are in the American DNA, as Joanne Z. Tan celebrates her 39th year in the US with BYOB by 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

39 years ago today I landed in the United States, leaving behind China that was NOT AT ALL  like China today. Even though I was the youngest English language journalist in China after passing national exams, and was said to have a “promising future”, I wanted to attend an American college and be in a land of freedom where my individual voice matters.  The United States is where I can be my own brand and be my own super power.

Looking back at all the ups and downs of my journey that led to where I am today, – doing what I absolutely love: crafting brands for companies and individuals and rooting for their success with digital content marketing, what I’m most proud of is that I have remained to be my own brand and I am helping others to be theirs.

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