30 Seconds of Anything – Jeopardy!’s jeopardy

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30 Seconds of Anything – Jeopardy!’s jeopardy

Who hosts Jeopardy has become an issue of dealing with bias against women and minorities, triggered by Mike Richards.


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Jeopardy!’s executive producer, Mike Richards, anointed himself to be the host, disregarding our beloved Alex Trebek’s wish list for his successor, including a black woman, Laura Coates, CNN legal analyst, and a Jewish man, Ben Mankiewicz, Turner classic movie host, AND audience’s nomination, including a black man LeVar Burton, an awarding winning actor.


Well, Mike Richards did think a heck a lot of himself. BUT, Jeopardy! has its own Jeopardy: Now, he is booted out, although politely by his boss Sony, after discovering his prior racist and sexist jokes about women, minorities, and Jews.  Thank you Mike Richards, for this “well-wagered” double Jeopardy that has jeopardized yourself as the “perfect human specimen” on Jeopardy!

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