The Extreme Micro of Building a Brand’s Unique Value Proposition – “Leverage the Universe (pt 2)”

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10 Plus Brand reinvents, rebrands, rebuilds & market a brand in a business’ birth, growth and transformation in extreme micro brand building.

We last talked about the ultimate macro of branding, by leveraging the Big Bang, to expand yourself rather than shrinking like a black hole.

Look deep into DNA, and align your actions with your purposes

To fulfill your raison d’etre – the purpose why you are put on this Planet Earth, your life’s mission, – takes insight into your own DNA, persistent efforts, and guidance by a steadfast vision.

When we go deep into the micro, the gazillions of cells are just like the countless stars in the universe. Each DNA sequence is like a unique galaxy. What is deepest inside us mirrors what is highest above us.

Step by Step, Line by Line

To build a brand is the same as growing a purposeful life. Step by step, line by line, brick by brick, just as a tiny spider spins a tiny bit of thread to build a beautiful web a thousand times more impactful than itself. With faith, we weave the fabric of our creation, thread by thread; with patience, we let harmonious parts reveal the bigger picture, to reflect the grand design of the universe and to be an interdependent member of its larger purpose.

A fulfilled life and/or an accomplished business result from aligning every movement, every effort, every phase of growth with its raison d’etre, – the most important reason for someone or something’s existence, – staying true to your “brand DNA”.

Brands need to be readjusted, realigned, and reinvented

A partial rebranding, or brand-refreshing, is to tweak, readjust, and realign either a business or a personal brand to its vision, mission, goals, as well as strategies, market fit, and core value, – very much like the periodic alignment performed on a vehicle you drive. We are your “auto mechanics” or “design engineers” in terms of brand building and maintenance.

Sometimes an entirely new brand needs to be reinvented, like a phoenix flying out of dying ashes – when a company or an individual is repositioning in a different direction, pivoting to new products or services, going through merger or acquisition, or changing leadership.

Birth and growth of new brands via unique value proposition

New brands are born when startups become “unicorns”. Just like how stars are born and evolve, it is both exciting and challenging to help nourish their growth, guide them to keep the focus on their brand DNA, stay true to their North Star, orbit around the right target audience, and move forward on the right path towards their mission – adding value to their customers and to the universe – the ultimate fulfillment and happiness.

To be fully alive is to keep growing, expanding, transforming.

That’s the only way to be in sync with the ultimate macro AND the extreme micro of the universe, the cradle of life and the final purpose of life.

We are your brand’s partner from birth, during growth, and in transformation

Everything we do at 10 Plus Brand, Inc. is centered around and based upon each brand’s DNA and its unique value proposition, be it a business or a personal brand. DNA decoding is the foundation upon which we help build brand structure and strategies. This is followed by creating the brand identity (business name, logo, slogan), brand stories, and brand visuals such as videos and images. Finally, amplifying the brand impact on websites and social media, with original content, go-to market strategies, brand persona, positioning, AI enabled content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, etc.

No power is more forceful and complete than the power of a brand’s primordial creator.

Align with that power.

Leverage the universe.

We are here to help you do exactly that.

10 Plus Brand Inc. readjusts, realigns, reinvents, refreshes, rebrands, rebuilds & market a brand’s unique value proposition in a business’ birth, growth and transformation.

© Joanne Tan
Edited by Glenn Perkins, Susan Olson

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