Episode 21: Leverage the Universe – the Extreme Micro of Building a Brand’s Value Proposition (Pt. 2) EPISODE 21 BY Joanne Z. Tan, 10 Plus Brand 26 Apr, 2021


10 Plus Brand rebrands, reinvents, refreshes, rebuilds & markets a brand’s value proposition in birth, growth and transformation.

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A Podcast by Joanne Z. Tan, Founder & CEO of 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

We last talked about the ultimate macro of branding, by leveraging the Big Bang, to expand yourself rather than shrinking like a black hole.

Look deep into DNA, and align your actions with your purposes.

With faith, we weave the fabric of our creation, thread by thread; with patience, we let harmonious parts reveal the bigger picture, to reflect the grand design of the universe and to be an interdependent member of its larger purpose.

A fulfilled life or accomplished business result from aligning every phase of growth with its reason for being – staying true to your “brand DNA”.

Brands need to be readjusted, realigned, and reinvented.

That’s the only way to be in sync with the ultimate macro AND the extreme micro of the universe, the cradle of life and the final purpose of life.

We at 10 Plus Brand are your brand’s partner from birth, during growth, and in transformation.

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