How Can a Brand Lead & Influence in the Competitive World of Technology?

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A leading and influential brand must be always relevant to its changing and evolving target audience in content, and must learn from, inspire, and influence their lives.

What is Brand Influence? – A brand is like a house. It needs to be remodeled, repaired, and maintained. If your brand is not refreshed in a timely manner, as the fast-changing world is, you are already behind the competition.

Lewis Carroll said this in Alice in Wonderland: “…we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” 

If you want to be proactive, if you want your brand to lead,  you do not put brand-refreshing on the back burner, or only start to think about it in a “dealing with problems” mode, after problems bubble up, or quarterly revenue goes down. That is reactive and you end up always struggling to catch up. 

I am not suggesting to always chase after what is trendy and superficial, by constantly changing a brand’s look and feel. That will hurt your brand.

Time is a brand’s best friend.

It usually takes about four to five years for a brand to gain market recognition. If a logo is about five years old, I do not advise a complete change of logo and look and feel.  Keep your hard-earned recognition and grow upon it.

How many times have Mercedes or Tesla changed their logos? – Zero. 

Mercedes-benz logo Tesla logo

Nonetheless, brand identity and brand influence can be refreshed.

Think about Apple’s logo that has evolved from a rainbow-colored version in the 70s to its current silver monotone version.  

Apple's evolving logos - a brand can be refreshed to keep up with the times in a blog by Joanne Tan, business and personal branding expert,

A company’s tagline or a slogan can be updated to keep up with the times, if the brand influence is well grounded upon its DNA and stays true to it. 

The worst that can be done to a brand identity is to substantially change it with every wind and lose its essence, leadership, and stature.  

Then what CAN a brand do, to be the front runner in this ever-changing, tech-driven, competitive world?

A powerful brand should have vast room for adaptability and growth.  To keep running twice as fast to get anywhere, as Lewis Carroll said, it must first know exactly where it wants to go, and how to fuel its run with exhaling the obsolete and inhaling fresh oxygen, constantly.

Not only must a power brand always be relevant to its changing and evolving target audience, but it must also lead its target audience, inspire them, learn from them, and enrich their lives.

In an ideal situation, the brand and its target audience feed off each other’s ideas and energy, somewhat like a rockstar feeding off his/her fans’ enthusiasm.

Rock concert, like a business or personal brand and its followers, fans, buyers feed off each other's brand messaging, in a blog by Joanne Tan,

How? – stay at the cutting edge with LEADING CONTENT, which is verbal messaging enhanced with visuals.

A brand needs to sensitively feel the pulses of the world’s current issues, genuinely show compassion for humanity, while simultaneously staying on  course under its vision, and adhering to its brand DNA.


A formation of paper planes with a red leader, to show a brand influences and leads others in a blog by Joanne Tan, business branding expert,


What makes a brand into a leader? – PROACTIVE brand refreshing, rebranding, brand influence, and brand marketing

At 10 Plus Brand, Inc., we build brands for established companies seeking to reposition their brands, and manage their brands with digital marketing technology.

We also rebrand companies pre and post M&A. The (prospective) new owners of a business most of the time have different visions, business models, and new identities and cultures for their newly acquired companies.  We are their brand strategists and visual branding experts.

We rebrand companies bought by private equity. These companies usually go through restructuring while sitting in PE portfolios.

We come in to rebrand the businesses with strategies, a new look and feel, new logos, websites, videos, etc., so the rebranded companies can be sold at higher prices to new owners who 100% of the time prefer to pay more for a rebranded business than the older version. 

Rebranding adds value to all involved – a win/win/win situation for the new buyers, the PE firms, and the newly rebranded businesses.

A brand is like a house. It needs to be remodeled, repaired, and maintained. If you need an expert, or a rebranding agency to assess your brand’s position and strategies,  Please call: 1-888-288-4533.  Thank you.

Written by Joanne Tan, edited by Susan Olson.

© Joanne Tan, all rights reserved.

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