4 Ways for a Brand to Survive and Thrive During Covid-19

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Digital branding during and after COVID19 can improve a company’s clientele, products and services, business model, brand DNA & vision.

More and more businesses depend on digital branding now: People are getting into the habit of vetting, negotiating and transacting online, now and in the future. Technology will eradicate many brick and mortar, mama papa shops. 

Covid-19 is rapidly changing our economy, our world and the entire global economic order. 

We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of its far-reaching impact on lifestyle, society and economy. 

Those who adapt fast will survive and thrive. Unfortunately, those who cannot pivot from old ways will join the waves of bankruptcies that have already started.


Digital Branding in the Post Pandemic Economic World

The post Pandemic world will be leaner (hopefully not meaner), more efficient, more innovative, more online, more technology-centered and technology-driven. 

It is no longer a choice:  your online presence, digital marketing, your brand’s messaging or lack thereof  will make you a winner or loser, unless you are Amazon or sell basic essentials such as groceries.

Like a beach town after a Tsunami, after the devastation and eradication of the old cityscape, a new economic order will emerge in place of the old. Let’s hope that the new is smarter, better, and more sustainable, – it is up to each and all of us.


Huge Tsunami about to hit a town to show COVID19 effects the World & increase digital branding for "4 ways for a brand to survive and thrive during Covid-19".

Time for some soul searching about your business

1) Has Covid pivoted your business model? Your clientele? Your marketing strategies?

2) What are the challenges you are facing in NETWORKING for business online?

3) What are the challenges you are facing in GETTING business online (lead generation, prospecting, sales and other referral and partnership opportunities)?

4) What specifically have you done in refreshing your old brand, or rebranding, or creating a new business brand on your website and LinkedIn?

In a flood of information, what stands out?

More than ever, we are inundated with newsletters, webinars, Zoom meetings, virtual events. When our attention is at a premium, many of these email announcements barely get read beyond the headline. When we meet people of business interest online during a teleconference, after vetting their LinkedIn profiles, we quickly form “judgment” based on their headlines and summaries/”About” section. 

The same goes with visiting a website: If the Home Page is not impressively delivering value propositions, we hardly have interest or time to scrutinize any other pages.

We have too much content jamming the in-box already.

We don’t have time nor patience to deal with average or sub par content.

We are more selective about what content to read in times of information flooding.

THE SAME GOES WITH OUR OWN DIGITAL PROFILES, – your company’s website, your company’s and your own LinkedIn profiles, what article comes up first after someone Google’s your brand.

What you are doing with other’s content, is what others’ are doing with yours.  Your prospects, leads, connections react the same way you are reacting to others: either tune in, or ignore.

How do you make your brand stand out?

Four Ways for a Brand to Survive and Thrive During and After Covid-19, Using Digital Branding

  • Is your clientele changed?

Is Coronavirus driving some of your clients out of business, or creating a new class of clients for you? 

Are the legacy clients adapting new ways of doing business that will render you obsolete? What new value-adds can you offer to your legacy clients, so they will stay? 

Do a thorough and detailed analysis of your clientele profile, so you know who you can serve and be fed by those you serve. The brand strategists at 10 Plus Brand can help conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of your client profile.

  • Are your products and services changing?

If your core business is obsolete due to the Pandemic and social distancing, or part of it, throw the weight off the boat before it sinks. Be innovative and customer-centric when you consider if you can introduce a new line of products or services.  If you decide to keep doing what you have been doing, try to go deep and focus on doing a few things exceptionally well.  Cultivate collaborative relationships with reliable business and referral partners.

Again, if you need our expertise in business planning, growth strategies and market research, please just let us know.

  • Is your business model pivoting?

If the old ways of doing business is no longer sufficient in meeting the new reality, figure out what is still working, what needs to stop, and what needs to be added. Then restructure the operational systems and processes in a trial and error fashion, until a new management system and operational procedures are in place and working.  

But the most important is the last point:

  • What is your brand’s DNA that is still standing?

More than ever, for your company (and yourself) to weather the storm, to stand tall and not be pulled down by the turmoil, the founder and CEO need to dig deep into the soul of their company: What does my business brand stand for?  What is the unwavering vision of the company in times of crisis as well in prosperity? Why am I doing what I am doing?

Now this is the area we at 10 Plus Brand truly excel at: decoding a brand’s DNA. This is the foundation of everything.  It is also a multidisciplinary process. (see “About” of www.10PlusBrand.com)

We all have blind spots.  A hairdresser cannot cut her own hair, a master surgeon cannot operate on himself.  Likewise, you need trained and experienced experts to decode your brand DNA with our proprietary process.  

Call us at 1-888-288-4533

We are here to help you not just survive but thrive in the Pandemic and the post Covid new economic world.

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