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Anyone can be a micro influencer, or a nano influencer with 1,000 followers on social media. For long term influencer marketing, you need to develop a brand first.

To some, becoming a micro influencer, or just a nano influencer and getting as many followers on social media as possible is THE goal.  But to others it comes as a mixed bag, especially for those like me who don’t necessarily thirst for public attention. Feeling “over-exposed” to a vast online audience who are complete strangers is a bit nerve-wracking: After my Social Media Assistant and I pushed the “send” button to 8,000 emails for my last newsletter, that night I woke up with a sweat, with a severe bout of self-doubt.  “Did I name the subject line right? Was it too informal? Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the emoji?… What will people think of me?…” I was mortified.


Influencer marketing” is increasingly the buzzword of social media marketing. You don’t need to be a celebrity to be an influencer.  If you have 1,000 to 10,000 followers, you are a “micro influencer”, you have the advantage to be viewed as more authentic, have a more targeted audience and influence, and are a lot less expensive than the good looking distant “stars”.

The rise of social media created a revolution against the traditional media: as newspapers and magazines are yielding to online versions of news, and the network TV is sinking to be the less (if not the least) preferred media for millennials and Gen Zs, ANYONE has the potential to be an “influencer” on the internet.  

You need to first become a BRAND before becoming an influencer

Before you jump into the “influencer” role with both feet, and suffer buyer’s remorse, I think you will save yourself a lot of stress and a good night sleep by first establish what kind of influencer you want to be, whom you want to influence, and do you want it to be a short sprint which gets you nowhere, or a winning marathon.  15 minutes of “fame” won’t get you any influence. Do you have the chops that solves many people’s pain points? Do you have a BRAND?  If yes, what does it stand for?

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This is Joanne Tan, CEO and brand strategist at 10 Plus Brand.  Have an influential day!

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