2710, 2018

“In Machines We Trust”? – Digital Truthfulness & Authenticity by AI (Pt 2)

By Joanne Z. Tan | Oct 27th, 2018 | Marketing, | 0 Comments

To stay in the loop on great topics like Digital Truthfulness, subscribe to our Newsletter Click to Read Part 1 of Digital Truthfulness Can softwa...

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1510, 2018

Is Your Video Hurting or Promoting your Brand?

By Joanne Z. Tan | Oct 15th, 2018 | Video, Marketing, | 0 Comments

To stay in the loop on leveraging a promotional brand and more topics, subscribe to our Newsletter A high quality brand promotional brand video must ...

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0509, 2018

Brand Identity Needs a Heart and a Soul, to Move Hearts and Souls

By Joanne Z. Tan | Sep 5th, 2018 | Branding, Marketing, | 3 Comments

To stay in the loop on creating a brand identity, subscribe to our Newsletter Creating a brand identity is more than marketing products or services. ...

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0508, 2018

NASA Can Learn from Nike in Messaging a Corporate Vision Statement

By Joanne Z. Tan | Aug 5th, 2018 | Marketing, Digital marketing, | 0 Comments

In a corporation’s vision statement, mission, core value, slogan, impactful words and visuals create magic for customers and bottom line. An organi...

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1006, 2018

Anthony Bourdain, Brand Loyalty, Viewer Experience

By Joanne Z. Tan | Jun 10th, 2018 | Branding, Video, Marketing, | 0 Comments

To stay in the loop on topics like brand loyalty, subscribe to our Newsletter When a TV personality is a brand's persona, like Anthony Bourdain, loya...

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