“Natural Language Processing”: You and AI are as Dumb or Intelligent as your Language

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AI is as dumb or smart as human’s command of language instruction, for AI natural language processing & large language model depend on data.

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I heard this more than three decades ago: “You are your language.”  It has stuck with me.

AI lives on data. Data is input through our language, in its semantic and syntactic form. 

Therefore, the “large language model” (LLM), “natural language processing” (NLP) and its variations depend on our own command of human language.

If your intelligence and your level of education is at a third grade level, your AI is a third grader. 

If your language is crude, you get crude feedback.

If your language is nuanced, and your thoughts are orderly, your AI will be as such.

If you don’t know how to ask intelligent questions, AI cannot give you intelligent answers.

Your level of education, intelligence, and sophistication determines the level of help you can get from AI.

You get out of AI what you put in.

Yes, you are your language, and your language is determined by your level of education and intelligence. SO, don’t rely on AI to fix your fuzzy mind, your lack of critical thinking, analytical skills, and intellect. You must get them first through solid education.

It is more important today than ever for humans to develop a good command of language, which enables us to train and use intelligent and sophisticated AI.

There is no better way to up skill your language than by reading.

Sadly, TikTok and Youtube are replacing reading, for students and adults alike. 

Do you see this downward spiral of civilization, accelerated by AI?  Just as we need to upgrade our language skills, they are reduced to a lower level.

If you don’t want to join the expanding army of the blissfully ignorant (i.e., they are clueless about their own ignorance), then improve your command of language, by reading.

What AI can create from your language instructions, is as creative or unimaginative as your creative or unimaginative thoughts, expressed in your either creative or unimaginative language.

Indeed, you ARE your language, and AI is your language as well.

Stop hyping AI.  Start reading. 

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