Super Bowl Commercials 2024’s Top Three Ads

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Super Bowl Commercials top 3 ads 2024, ranked for the 5th year in a row by 10 Plus Brand, narrated by Joanne Z. Tan, Advertising Expert, Global Brand Strategist, and Branding authority.

Here are the top 3 best Super Bowl TV Commercials, 2024, ranked by 10 Plus Brand for the 5th year in a row. We adhere to the same criteria year after year:

No celebrities.

No religion.

No politics.

No violence. 

No vulgarity.


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Number 3:  CrowdStrike, the Future

The theme is a traditional, wild west saloon, a woman pleading with an unresponsive sheriff when a horde of robbers were approaching. The parts are acted out well without celebrities. The story is simple to follow: With one click on a laptop, “Stop Breach,” facing the attackers, a young woman strikes down the cyber threats.  

No unnecessary special effects, no complicated plots to distract, this CrowdStrike ad delivers the message by focusing on a story within 30 seconds. 


Number 2: VW

Starting from the black and white history of new immigrants arriving in New York, to the color film documenting the historical evolution of both VolksWagen AND American culture, to the current newest Electric model, the ad covered the span of more than 100 years in one minute. 

Punctuated with Neil Diamond’s soaring 1971 song “I am … I said”, the richness of this ad is also in its subtle celebration of individuality among all ages and ethnicities. It plays on Neil Diamond’s lyrics, about “a frog who dreamed of being a king, and then became one.” It is both the VW dream and the American dream for ordinary folks.

The documentary style replaced the in-your-face “sell you something” cliche of car-salesmanship, with a sub-theme of head turning by young people in different times and places, and at personal landmarks such as childhood, wedding, halloween …. Clearly targeting Americans, the words appeared over the images towards the end: “We shape its metal”, “You shape its soul”. The ad succeeded in intertwining VW with generations of young Americans and with American culture.

The best car sales ad I have ever seen, so far. Truly well done – with a historical canvas, coherent visual storytelling through real people, in documentary style.


Number 1: Salomon Shoes, Welcome Back to Earth

This ad is a visual masterpiece: with no words but only first class cinematography. The ad starts in a black and white depiction of city throngs and one young woman’s isolation in the crowd.  She is then frantically running away from the ills of that urban environment in a soundscape like nails-scratching-blackboard. The ad then transitions to full colors, in transcendental lights, rain, clouds, and natural phenomena. With soothing sounds of nature, birds, wind, raindrops come the mountains, the path, and her feet in Salomon shoes, resting on the trail.  

This ad is the Mount Everest of visual experience. Using the power of contrast, it stands out and sticks in memory, among all the rest of more than 70 clamoring and noisy ads, many of them forgotten, some of them in poor taste and quite a few totally stupid.  Each costs about $7 million per 30 seconds, and $14 million per minute.  

 In this case, understatement was far superior to overstatement and over-dramatization. This First Place Winner is doing more with less. It is much harder to do, but so much more powerful.  “Salomon Shoes, Welcome Back to Earth” is a wonderful piece of art, without too much conjured up drama, unconvincing themes, dogma or manipulation of any kind.  The power of pure visual art, the power of simplicity.  


We at 10 Plus Brand made a difference

Five years ago, almost 100% of Super Bowl ads were pre released before the big game, which allowed us to evaluate and post during the game. 

Four years ago, about 80% were pre released.

Three years ago, half. 

Two years ago, about 35%.

Last year, 20%.

This year, about 7%.

I read from this article that one vulgar ad was disallowed, and not aired during this year’s Super Bowl.

This proves that in our own small ways, we have upped the game of Super Bowl Ads. Even though there are now too many articles “ranking” Super Bowl Ads, we are confident about our criteria and judgment.  

Let us know what you think!

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