ChatGPT & LinkedIn Profiles: What AI Can and Cannot Do

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ChatGPT can be used for providing prompts and suggestions for LinkedIn profiles, articles, posts, messages, but AI is not up to the task for building a LinkedIn brand – a business brand or a personal brand.

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Due to the rapid speed of development for Open AI and ChatGPT4, this article strives to address the “evergreen” general principles and issues related to the use of ChatGPT for LinkedIn profiles, articles, posts, and messages, vs. creating a unique, personalized brand on LinkedIn – be it a professional brand, business brand (for a LinkedIn company page), or a personal brand.

LinkedIn is Pushing ChatGPT for User Interface

Five months ago, in March, 2023, LinkedIn tried to increase audience engagement by using “AI-powered conversation starters” in users’ news feeds, only to receive more negative responses from users and without much improvement in engagement, according to this article.

For LinkedIn recruiters’ job descriptions: Almost three months ago, in May, 2023, LinkedIn announced that it is using ChatGPT3.5 for job descriptions by recruiters and hiring managers, with personalized InMail messages for potential candidates, based on these candidates’ LinkedIn profiles.

For LinkedIn personal profiles: Additionally, LinkedIn selects “active users” to use ChatGPT4 to spruce up the “about” section and the headline of a LinkedIn profile, by giving these select users (by LinkedIn’s criteria) prompts or suggestions. 

“The AI-writing prompts for profiles — available initially to paying Premium users — are aimed at helping people who have trouble writing their own enticing overviews of who they are, but might at least be able to spell out some of what they’ve done, which in turn gets translated into a more fluid narrative by the AI. ““By doing the heavy lifting for you, the tool saves you time and energy while still maintaining your unique voice and style.” “It encourages you to ‘review and edit’ the suggested content before adding it to your profile.” Supra. (Emphasis added.)

The Evergreen Rule for AI – “garbage in, garbage out” – Applies to All Prompt Input by All LinkedIn Users

If there is such a thing as an evergreen rule for AI of all kinds, it is “garbage in, garbage out”. 

First question for everyone is: How do you know what keywords to input, on your LinkedIn profile, your company page, a LinkedIn article, or LinkedIn messages?

If you rely on ChatGPT to generate the keywords for your profession, remember that everyone else in your profession also gets the same keywords generated by AI. Even if you can afford to use expensive subscription-based AI tools such as AhRefs, SEMRush to get the keywords relevant to your specialty, or maybe you are savvy enough to find the keywords from the free Google Keywords, the more important issue is:

Second question: How do you differentiate your LinkedIn profile from your competitors and/or peers?

What is the Difference Between a LinkedIn Profile and a LinkedIn BRAND?

It’s one thing to spruce up your LinkedIn profile using ChatGPT,  but another to view your LinedIn profile as just one of many parts of your digital brand.

To build a personal brand, a professional brand, or a business brand, LinkedIn is just one of the “battlefields” in the digital “warfare”. You need a comprehensive, uniquely-yours brand-building strategy, if you aspire to become a thought leader or an authority in your field. 

1) INDIVIDUALIZED, PERSONALIZED brand elements, brand positioning, brand strategies, brand persona, brand voice, and brand messaging are NOT a product of an ubiquitous algorithm.  Do you want your brand stories to stand out? Build your own unique brand on LinkedIn, not just a profile like everyone else’s. 

2) A LinkedIn profile is not just about your past, but about your TOMORROW.  It is not merely about you, but about THEM – those you serve. There are too many puzzle pieces to be put together as a whole, with an experienced brand coach. 

3) With 10 Plus Brand’s decoding process, leaders and their companies get in touch with your WHYs, your target audience, yourself, your competitive landscape… Even leadership coaches (who constitute a sizable group of our clientele), need branding experts and brand strategists to decipher their unique value propositions, to analyze strategies and tactics, objectively, strategically, deeply and thoroughly. 

4) In spite of humanity’s commonalities, everyone is unique, every leader is unique, every company is unique – thank God. Brand building and brand DNA decoding is in every way just like one-on-one business coaching, career consulting, even counseling. Working with individuals, as whole sentient human beings, requires keen discernment of fleeting facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, what is unsaid, implied, … It takes trust, and trusting another human being is just not the same as trusting an algorithm.

5) Most importantly, what makes our work fulfilling, as brand strategists, brand builders and brand marketers, is the honor and the joy of being a client’s “mirror” and coach. By being outside their “forest”, we see what they don’t see, to discover their authentic power, together with each one of them on their own journey. We elevate them to a higher level of clarity, vision, strategy, and brand positioning.

Why would we, or you, let AI or ChatGPT take away this HUMAN connection? And the joy of creativity? And the satisfaction in custom-crafting a unique brand, human to human?

AI, Such as ChatGPT, is Just a Tool: No More, No Less

Calling us “anti-AI” cannot be further from the truth. About five years ago, when SaaS was the trend, we at 10 Plus Brand already used AI-enabled curated content in some of our clients’ digital marketing and social media marketing. 

However, repurposing other people’s blogs was becoming less and less fun and interesting, for us, the content creators, and for our clients’ audiences. Last year we decided to ditch this AI tool due to a lack of originality in the curated content. One by one, we persuaded our clients to discontinue this AI tool, and embark on creating original content instead. Now we focus on helping our clients create original, authoritative, high quality content that truly establishes their stature and expertise.

In a news report by NPR on Aug. 15, 2023, “What happens when thousands of hackers try to break AI chatbots“, the results were surprising and not surprising: Some tricked ChatGPT to reveal credit card numbers, many others found the language based ChatGPT gives hallucinated, false, even disinformation or harmfully information, just like what a human can do (think of Donald Trump’s claim about 2020 Presidential Election being “stolen”.) While Trump is being held accountable with federal and state prosecutions for conspiracy and under state’s RICO law, can ChatGPT be similarly liable with lawsuits?

This NPR article quoted: “Every person you know that has a different background has a different linguistic style. They have somewhat of a different critical thinking process,” and that leads to the obvious conclusion: AI can NOT do the thinking for you. AI can NOT do the strategizing and planning for you.  AI can NOT substitute your own creativity and originality.

“You want it to do the thinking for you — well, you want it to believe that it’s thinking for you. And by doing that, you let it fill in its blanks,”  the article quoted, “And by trying to be helpful, it ends up being harmful.”

After all, the purpose of AI is to free humans from routine and repetitive tasks, so we can enjoy the creative, personalized, “fun” part of work.  As a tool, AI is a means to a creative end, as explained in this article by Joanne Z. Tan: “The bottom line is: Technology is to serve humanity, not the other way around.”

10 Plus Brand’s Unique Brand-Building, Brand-Marketing Services, for the Unique YOU

We at 10 Plus Brand first and foremost create and build a UNIQUE brand for you and/or your company, with comprehensive and nimble strategies, ORIGINAL content, both verbal and visual. AI can hardly replicate what we do, and at best it can only follow.

Please contact us for any brand-building, brand-marketing related issues, on LinkedIn, website, social media, with our proprietary process for decoding your brand DNA, and creating content with you, for you, and uniquely yours.

© Joanne Z. Tan  All rights reserved.

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