Episode 96: GPT and LinkedIn Profiles: What AI Can and Can’t Do 13 Aug, 2023


Five points on limitations of GPT for LinkedIn profiles, by Joanne Z. Tan, global brand builder, brand coach, and brand marketer.

How do you know what keywords to input, on your LinkedIn profile, your company page, a LinkedIn article, or LinkedIn messages?

If you rely on GPT to generate the keywords for your profession, remember that everyone else in your profession also gets the same keywords generated by AI. Even if you can afford to use expensive subscription-based AI tools such as AhRefs, SEMRush to get the keywords relevant to your specialty, or maybe you are savvy enough to find the keywords from the free Google Keywords, the more important issue is:

How do you differentiate your LinkedIn profile from your competitors and/or peers?

What is the Difference Between a LinkedIn Profile and a LinkedIn BRAND?

Hear five points by Joanne Z. Tan, a global brand builder, brand coach, branding expert, and brand marketer.

AI, Such as GPT, is Just a Tool: No More, No Less. Why would we, or you, let AI or GPT take away this HUMAN connection? And the joy of creativity? And the satisfaction in custom-crafting a unique brand, human to human?

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