Spare, by Prince Harry & the Forthcoming Tragic Saga – The Royal Brand is Damaged

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Spare, authored by Prince Harry, damages Prince Harry himself & his own family,  King Charles III, Prince William, the entire British royal family and the monarchy, for decades to come, as a Shakespeare tragic drama, LIVE.

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Prince Harry’s “Spare” is making Shakespeare’s drama LIVE. More than a 3-hour play, his royal drama has no end in sight. The hurt-begets-hurt convoluted saga is unwinding globally, with his self-exhibitionist exposure of every intimate body part, for the morbid minded.  I have NOT read “Spare”, I will not read it, – I already got an earful, after reading the disturbed reviews by all “respected”, non tabloid media such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. I know the damage is irreversible, to himself, his father, his brother, everyone in his family and extended family. 

Prince Harry will, at last, have his fair share of suffering, which will compound, due to his actions and choices, and the actions, inactions (belated or not) of those he accused, betrayed, and revenged against in his book.

Not even Shakespeare can predict the next chapters, all will be tragic. The consequences will surely follow Harry’s entire life, and all his children’s lives.  

One can NOT be redeemed by crushing others, no matter how “justified” one thinks. 

The royal family did a bargain at a cost: glamor, status, wealth, titles, – all symbolic, but if they choose these, the cost is their nakedness, the public scrutiny, the twisted family dynamics based on the obsolete form of hierarchy, and the hurts, betrayals, damages. 

Who is really to blame?

Is that what the Brits bargained for?

If the sole value of this symbolic monarchy is to entertain the people who want it, let it be warned: you are one of the spectators in the arena watching gladiators killing each other, symbolically at least.   This reveals humanity’s dark side: the mass is also morbid. Don’t we all turn our heads to look at a car accident when driving by? It is still tragic, nonetheless.

Shakespeare, unfolding. Sad.

The best I can make out of this ongoing drama for the next decades, is try to watch it as a  comic tragedy, for my own mental and emotional health.

There is no better way to demote both the personal brand of Prince Harry and the royal brand: by Harry himself, the enemy is from within, instead of the media that he blamed for everything.

I stated before that his grandma Queen Elizabeth II’s brand stood for “4 Ds”: Duty, Decency, Dignity, and Discretion.  Prince Harry’s brand now stands for the lack thereof.

© Joanne Z. Tan. Written on Jan. 13, 2023.

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