Queen Elizabeth: The 4 D’s of A Royal Brand – Joanne Z. Tan’s “30 Seconds of Anything”

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Queen Elizabeth built herself into a unique brand with Duty, Decency, Dignity, and Discretion, in her 70-year rule that prolonged her monarchy.

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I’d summarize Queen Elizebeth II’s brand with 4 Ds: Duty, Decency, Dignity, and Discretion. With her commitment to her service, her kindness, intelligence, and toughness In making hard decisions such as stripping her son Prince Andrew’ royal titles, she demonstrated discretion and integrity, which enhanced her dignity, and the monarchy’s relevancy in this modern world.

These virtues were the reasons why she ruled 70 years through many tumultuous times, external and internal. Her dutifulness, decency, dignity and discretion made her widely respected and loved, and turned herself into a unique brand: the GREAT, yet self restrained Queen Elizebeth II.


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