Episode 35 – Jeopardy’s jeopardy – “30 Seconds of Anything” 21 Aug, 2021


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Jeopardy!’s executive producer, Mike Richards, anointed himself to be the host, disregarding our beloved Alex Trebeck’s wish list for his successor, including a black woman, Laura Coates, CNN legal analyst, and a Jewish man, Ben Mankiewicz, Turner classic movie host, AND audience’s nomination, including a black man LeVar Burton, an awarding winning actor.


Well, Mike Richards did think a heck a lot of himself. BUT, Jeopardy! has its own Jeopardy: Now, he is booted out, although politely by his boss Sony, after discovering his prior racist and sexist jokes about women, minorities, and Jews. Thank you Mike Richards, for jeopardizing yourself as the “perfect human specimen” on Jeopardy!

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