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Elon Musk:  I am telling this because I care.

I used to admire your ingenuity. 

I applaud your donating hundreds of millions dollars worth of Starlink to Ukraine. 

I even called you my hero.

But I hated it when you thought your genius had no boundaries. 

You suggested a “one country two system” for Taiwan, disregarding what the people in Taiwan want.

You’re squandering $40 billion on a crappy toy called Twitter, totally out of your fear of potentially being shut out of the platform like Donald Trump.  It was NOT a good decision.

Elon, you are ruining your brand!  

But I know your brand is not as hopeless as Donald Trump’s.

You need a filter. 

You need a brand manager to tell you when to open your big fat mouth, and when to shut up.

Surrounding yourself with yes-men will only lead to your downfall.

Just effing call me!  

(888) 288-4533. Save your brand, Elon!


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