Where does confidence come from? – Joanne Z Tan’s “30 Seconds of Anything”

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How to get out of self-limiting beliefs? Confidence: the more you have, the more you can do, if you’re not afraid to make mistakes.

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Where does confidence come from?

“1 + 1 = 2”: Get out of your comfort zone + just do it = confidence

Confidence is the result of, first, daring yourself to push outside what you feel comfortable and secure, with your eyes firmly fixed on the horizon of where you would like your life to be; secondly, take actions, small steps, and build your foundation brick by brick, to reach your goals. How do you get out of your self-limiting belief, your fears, the dissuasive noises in your head about all the self-imposed roadblocks, and the self-protective voice in your mind about all the imaginary risks and “what ifs”? – By just doing It. The more you do it, the more confidence you have, the more confidence you have, the more you can do – it’s an exponentially self compounding growth, provided that you are not afraid to make mistakes, and learn from them.

Here’s to a new year of confidence and achievement, by getting out of your comfort zone, and just doing it!

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