Is a Life Complete without Another? – A Poem by Joanne Z. Tan

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Is a Life Complete without Another?


Alone, helpless, utterly dependent – we came to the world.

Alone, helpless, utterly dependent – we leave this Earth,

regardless of fame, fortune, power, position.


Inherently needy

is not the same as

independently alone.


Blessed are you 

if you share your life with a beloved, 

yoked through happiness and frustration, joy and pain,

together and alone,

love and hate,

betrayal, disgrace,

as partners,

as friends.


Blessed am I 

if my journey’s loyal companion is my shadow till the end,

yet every breathing moment I care passionately 

for family and friends,

for mother Earth, 

for a toddler on a path, 

and their family dog, passing by for just a few seconds.


The freedom I treasure

is at the price of not spending time with a roommate.

The joy I feel

is without sharing with a soulmate.

The vulnerability I endure

is unblended and pure.


Yet I long for the mental stimulation with someone at par,

I want someone else to care for me, 

not out of needs but out of mutual desire

to love, and to be loved,

untainted by fear, or lust, 

holding respect at top and above.


Is my identity measured by combining with someone’s last name?

Is my beauty solely to be held in the eyes of a mate?

Is merging of two souls

the prerequisite for being whole?


What to live for in this short mortal life?

Can I be whole and complete by myself? 


Galaxies, stars, planets,

they may merge, they may clash, 

they all orbit by themselves, on their own paths.


Whether I am the Moon or the Earth,

or both,

I am always surrounded by the amniotic fluid of the universe,

on my own destiny,

free of separation anxiety,

expand in celestial harmony.


To love

not out of fear of being alone.

To be alone and together simultaneously

without feeling lonely,

the true way of the universe, in tune,

only a dream for so many.


Is being complete and whole a perpetual cosmic dance?

A dance not with another human,

but with the glimmer of the universe?

With hope? 

With a mirage? 

Or a hidden drive?

Or a force?


© Joanne Z. Tan.  Written Aug. 10-20, 2022.

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