Episode 61: Is A Life Complete or Lonely Without Another?_A Poem by Joanne Tan 20 Aug, 2022


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Is a Life Complete without Another?

Alone, helpless, utterly dependent – we came to the world.
Alone, helpless, utterly dependent – we leave this Earth,
regardless of fame, fortune, power, position.
Is merging of two souls
the prerequisite for being whole?
Galaxies, stars, planets,
they may merge, they may clash,
they all orbit by themselves, on their own paths.
Is being complete and whole a perpetual cosmic dance?
A dance not with another human,
but with the glimmer of the universe?
With hope?
With a mirage?
Or a hidden drive?
Or a force?
© Joanne Z. Tan. Written Aug. 10-20, 2022.
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