The US Supreme Court Justices Are NOT Above the Law

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WE THE PEOPLE must impose term limits for Supreme Court Justices, as an amendment to the US Constitution.

We ask DOJ and the US Congress to investigate SCOTUS Clarence Thomas & other SCOTUS’ possible perjuries.

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This is intended to be NON-partisan. 

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade is far more than abortion rights. The 3-legged stool of our separation of power is no longer holding up, when the judiciary branch is shamelessly becoming a weapon for politics, which is totally contrary to the founder father’s check-and-balance foundation for our democracy.

Roe’s overturn is merely the beginning. It does not matter as much whether you are pro life or pro choice, compared with what is really at stake:  this slippery slope is opening the flood gate of overturning the US Supreme Court’s OWN fundamental principle of honoring and upholding prior decisions (“stare decisis”). Of course there were cases that were historically wrongly decided, such as racial segregation cases that the US Supreme Court subsequently overturned with the progression of time.  Turning history backward seems to be on  today’s Supreme Court’s radical agenda. 

If a 50-year-old landmark ruling such as Roe can be overturned even though vast majority of Americans support Roe, what are next on Clarence Thomas list to be overturned are not limited only to the rights to contraceptives, same sex marriages, but will extend to overturning the separation of church and state, EPA’s environmental protection rulings that protect clean air and water, Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)’s regulations to protect investors against institutional greed, and on and on… It is going to happen very fast. 

“there are no rules in war”, – What were SCOTUS Thomas’ aiding & abetting acts in his wife’s criminal conspiracy?

Our democracy is tumbling down when the Supreme Court is corrupted by politics, as shown in the words of Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni Thomas, who frequently alluded to Clarence Thomas as “my best friend” in messages such as this: “The most important thing you can realize right now is that there are no rules in war”, [1]  in her text message to Mark Meadows, former Chief of Staff for the Trump Administration. (Emphasis added.)  

It doesn’t matter any more if a President of the United States committed high crime, tried and convicted, since he can count on SCOTUS of the same political party to exonerate him, theoretically and practically. This was not thinkable in the Nixon time, but it is a reality today, evidenced by Thomas’ dissenting opinion which supported Donald Trump’s request for blocking turnover of important documents to the January 6 Committee [2].  Given Clarence Thomas’ wife’s text message to Mark Meadows saying “there are no rules in war”, and her emails to then White House Counsel John Eastman asking to overturn the 2020 election result, Clarence Thomas nonetheless, in his role as a SCOTUS, rendered his support for Trump without recusing himself. [3]

This level of radicalization of a Supreme Court Justice by the political passions of the day is a clear and present danger for democracy and our unbiased structure for the rule of law. The US Supreme Court cannot be weaponized for politics and religion. 

What caused all this? What can be done to save our democracy from becoming a dictatorship?

No one is above the law, not even a Supreme Court Justice

The US Supreme Court’s justices, like other branches of the federal government, must be checked and balanced by the legislative and the law enforcement branches, with investigation, impeachment, suspension, and removal in case of high crimes and misdemeanors.  The US Constitution never assumed SCOTUS to be above the law, and be shielded from civil and criminal liabilities. 

Congress and DOJ: Please take these two actions:

We ask the US Congress and the US Department of Justice to immediately initiate these actions: 

(1) The Department of Justice must investigate and the House needs to initiate impeachments against those justices who lied under oath during confirmation hearings about not overturning Roe, and pursue perjury charges against these lying US Supreme Court Justices. [4]

(2) The Department of Justice must investigate and the House needs to initiate impeachment against Justice Clarence Thomas for any level of criminal aiding and abetting his wife’s criminal participation in the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election.

Term limits for Every Supreme Court Justice

We the people additionally must take action to impose term limits for all SCOTUS: A constitutional amendment must be introduced by the legislature, to limit every SCOTUS’ term to be about 18 years, as advocated by Stanford Professor Larry Diamond in his book “Ill Winds”. [5]

At this point, we cannot sit back and do nothing, no matter how strenuous it is to get these things accomplished, especially the long and ardent journey to amend the US Constitution for adding term limits for SCOTUS.  We have to do all these, or we are descending from the rule of law into dictatorship and nazism. 

This is again intended to be NON-partisan.  Save our democracy.  Save our rights. Everyone needs to act. IMMEDIATELY!

PLEASE stand for something.

We cannot throw away our democratic tradition from our generation, with our own hands.

PLEASE share.

Please take actions such as sending a message to your congressmen and senators, to DOJ, and other lawmakers in Congress.

Do it now!

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