Do More with Less in Brand Marketing During Inflation

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How to do more with less in brand marketing, brand building, social media marketing, especially with inflation-induced shrinking budgets?

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For those of you who have not heard from me for a while, I have been busy serving clients with launching two branded websites in 2 months, thanks to my great teams of content creators, logo and graphic designers, and web developers. On top of that, I have been on a daily regimen of losing weight by following a fantastic app called Noom. (BTW, I am NOT getting paid by Noom!)  Noom is recognized by Harvard Business School as the 2022 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

Every day for the past 2.5 months, I read about 15 minutes of tips for developing a healthy relationship with food, log in everything I eat, weigh myself every morning as soon as I get up, walk an average of 7,000 steps a day, build good eating habits, and practice neuroplasticity (a fancy word for changing our brains’ wiring)… 

My journey of losing 7 lbs over 2.5 months inspired me with two insights relevant to brand building and brand marketing, in addition to learning new ways of living a wiser and healthier lifestyle, while still eating chocolate and cake (in moderation and within a daily caloric budget, of course). 

Do more w/ less in brand marketing during inflation is like putting less food to best use in a successful weight loss regimen, per Joanne Z. Tan, 10 Plus Brand.

The 1st insight is: do more with less. Just like more food results in more weight and health problems, more marketing in an indiscriminately what-others-are-doing fashion can be a waste of money, and gets you nowhere.  How can you get the most bang for your marketing buck, especially with inflation-induced shrinking budgets? (Hint: Starting with the low hanging fruit, such as a LinkedIn profile and/or a website.)

The 2nd insight is slow and steady wins the race.  Many people try to lose weight by starvation, deprivation, yo-yo dieting–all to no avail. Sticking to Noom’s slow but steady course of physical activity, psychological tricks, and mental reinforcement every day proves to be the winning recipe for my success. In brand marketing, consistent and persistent efforts over time have led to more profitability, influence, and success for our clients.

I am giving away many nuggets in the form of a slide presentation as a video, available as paid content. Please download the slide by clicking “paid content” at, by choosing either monthly or yearly plan.

This is Joanne Tan, Brand Strategist and CEO of 10 Plus Brand. Stay tuned for the next load of nuggets: So you want to have your own podcast– how to post, SEO, and promote your podcast, by yourself.  I’m writing a book: “How to Become a Brand – Decode, Create, Amplify“.  You, as a subscriber, will get bits and pieces of the book way ahead of others, and that buys you time to be ahead of the game!

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