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Be Your Own Brand, – take time to be DISCONNECTED from the internet, especially on Labor Day holiday and REGULARLY, to be mentally and physically healthy, productive, work-life balanced, and happy.

Be your own brand on Labor Day:

The word “labor” has changed a lot from what it meant  in 1894, when Labor Day was first introduced. Today, many people “labor” on the internet, at home, upon waking up, before going to bed, on weekends. The pandemic has blurred the work and home boundary and removed companies’ supervision over working hours. People “volunteer” to work too much, remotely, leading to overweight, insomnia, and other health issues. 

Just because the internet is 24/7, doesn’t mean we have to be connected 24/7;

just because everyone else is online and working too much doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Be your own brand and reclaim your autonomy from the internet, and regain control over your own life, AND savor it. (AND do take time to read my blogs!=

© Joanne Z. Tan

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