Brand DNA Messaging with Words & Visuals – a Multi-disciplinary Process

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Honing brand DNA into narratives is the “science”, quality photos and videos that breath life into words is the “art” of building a brand.

“A brand is the heart, soul, mind and body of a business.”  “It starts with the DNA blueprint of a brand’s core values and belief. Brand-power does not exclusively belong to a power-brand like Apple. ALL businesses can hone their own unique, authentic and powerful brands.  It takes vision, belief, and expertise from those who master the multi-disciplinary process of branding, which is both a science and art.” – Following what I stated in my last blog post, I am addressing why branding a business inside out requires multi-disciplines, both science and art.

The internet age is revolutionizing marketing, and empowering an end user to be any brand’s instant and exponential digital marketer, critique, and messenger. We are all inundated with too much information, which is decreasing our attention span and mind share for messages from a website, blog post, and social media content. How do we get a business’ brand messages out within the shortest amount of time, with the most impact, and to the right audience? – By multiplying verbal substance with the power of artistic visuals. While honing a brand’s DNA blueprint and turning it into brand narratives is the “science”, high quality photos and videos that breath life into words is the “art” of brand messaging.

First, your brand’s verbal messages need to be carefully, authentically and uniquely honed down to one-page, – the brain-child of in depth brainstormings between a brand-owner (founder and/or CEO) and a branding expert who excels in both analytical thinking AND creative designing, simultaneously.  That’s not all. How to present information with the most impact, to the strategically selected target audience, is another skill involving marketing insight and journalist “inverse pyramid” way of informing the audience.  What makes it or breaks it, is in successfully clarifying a business’ future vision, mission, goals, based on its unique past, present, by telling unique brand stories, then converting them all into “the music to the ears of its target audience”, authentically and poetically.  Stories will reach human’s limbic midbrain where trust, loyalty, emotions, and decision-making reside. The mid-brain has no capacity for language. Language, numbers, logic… belong to the most recently evolved higher level neocortex executive brain.

That is why visuals can multiply verbal narratives, for visuals are the language of emotions, relations, connections. Human mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster than verbal languages.  According to Forrester Research, “if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million.” Often, visuals and body language provides what words cannot possibly deliver, the experience of the 5-senses. See the juice freshly squeezed from a lemon automatically makes us salivating, no words needed.  A grand view from the top of a mountain is best conveyed with visuals since words are not the best way to describe what it looks like.  “Seeing is believing.” Emotional connections are best conveyed by evoking imaginations, poetry, and art.

At 10 Plus Brand, Inc., we are at the cutting edge in utilizing multi disciplinary process to unify brand messages for our clients, and “Big Bang” the distilled narratives both verbally and visually to their target audiences we strategically select.  We have at least 6 skills: law degree, marketing training, journalist editing and designing, business coaching, photographic artistry, and 3 teams for high quality writing, website design and development, graphic design, video production for building a brand.

What makes a symphonic piece of glorious music is not a mere combination of violins, trumpets, clarinets, … but the artful interaction of all of them, the synergy that creates a unique piece of art harmoniously themed with one melody, – a brand’s heart, soul, mind and body, inside out.

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