(10 Plus Brand Interview by Joanne Tan of Dr. Pat Salber, 1/15/2021)

What does it take for a consumer targeted website to win, in the cut-throat Google Search World of 2021? 

Joanne Tan, CEO of 10 Plus Brand interviewed Dr. Pat Salber where she answered her questions such as the following.

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1)  intro:  Dr. Patricia Salber is the founder, CEO and editor in chief of the Doctor Weighs In. Dr. Salber is a renowned internal medicine and emergency physician, has an MBA and is also an entrepreneur, after being a highly sought after consultant to the federal government, health plans, and large employers. She was a senior physician executive at Kaiser and Blue Shield and has both in depth and wide-ranging medical related experiences in many areas of health care, including health policy. She is a thought leader and an influencer.

Over 15 years, The Doctor Weighs In has gained respect and stature from medical professionals, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians, health policy experts, academics, and governmental experts in health care.

2) Can you tell us about the history of the site, and the ups and downs? 

3) What are the immediate challenges with running an independent website with a large audience, in a competitive space?

  • What does it mean to all those living off their websites, when the rules are not known?
  • How expensive can it be to continuously improve, to keep up with Google’s changing rules for manipulations for search, especially for health info sites? And with all the ads?  Is it the same for other industries?  
  • Other than site speed, what has to be done to compete online?
  • What Google Search entails, NOW?

4) What are the future projections, given the competitions for Google 1st page, and the increasing ads, and more and more competitors are vying for the limited attention?

5) Do you think Google, social media, … are monsters out of control? Is it a “winner takes all” landscape for only the few big players?  Is Google the monopoly, or oligopoly that is making only the extremely well funded “competitors” to win, and all others to lose?

6) Without spending tens of thousands of dollars of google ads, will you be able to thrive, on featuring others’ ads alone? 

7). Can a website thrive on great content alone?  

8).  Why are you doing what you are doing?  

9) What does your brand stand for?

10).  After surviving and thriving for 15 years, with your unrelenting, tenacious fight, what do you need now to continue the momentum, and succeed?