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BRANDING content marketing is the foundation for a successful campaign. Target audience, determines how you match their needs, and why to buy from you.

Content: The most important 80%:

Content, BRANDING content, is the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. For content marketing agencies (like, content marketing is 90% of SEO. Content is also the strategy: Who is the target audience, what moves them, how does a brand’s value match their needs, and why they should buy from you.

The bottom line is: What does a brand stand for?

We brainstorm with CEOs, marketing directors, owners of businesses and professional services, over questions like these. Together we co-create brand-messaging. We distill, chisel, polish everything about a brand into 1-page.

1-page Branding Script for Content Marketing:

This 1-page encapsulates the essence of your brand. This is what constitutes 80% of the entire process. We excel at co-creating branding content, since we bring our unique blend of intellectual analysis and creative skills to market a brand in style and substance.

Nowhere else can you find video production teams, or website developers, or bloggers that also have the power to write a branding script. We contribute education and training in law, marketing, journalism, and award-winning artistry.

3-minute promotional video for Content Marketing:

The remaining 20%, very importantly and the most artistic 20%, breathe branding words to life. The artistic power FAR EXCEEDS 20% of work – it magnifies the words exponentially.

Our highly skilled and talented production team turns this 1-page script into a 3-minute video, that anchors a website on its homepage. All other content, blogs, vlogs, videos, tagline and logos, graphic design, business identity, etc., are centered around this anchor.

Our video production team consists of cameramen, motion graphic designers, editors, music advisors, photographers, voice over talents, etc, under the direction of Joanne Tan. To market a brand in an unified fashion.


Our Website and blog-writing teams are highly experienced web developers, web designers, IT experts, software engineers, graphic designers, BRANING blog writers trained in law, business, and creative writing.

BRANDING blogs/vlogs:

Additionally, once we have branded a business, our top-notch blog writers can keep your Google ranking consistently high, by refreshing branding conent with weekly blogs – more than what other bloggers can write, we add brand-marketing content on top. Our clients are not only findable, among their peers/competitors, with “regular” blogs, but are also differentiated with BRANDING details, targeted to their ideal clients.

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