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If brand is stronger, it is connected to your client’s needs. What values does your business bring? In what ways does it make a better world?

Your brand is stronger, the more it is connected to your client’s needs.

For example, this was one of my clients’ old logo for a custom embroidery business, a needle and a spool of thread. I asked my client: “What values does your business bring to people? In what ways does it make a better world?” He laughed: “Come on, this is just embroidering clothes, It is not going to change the world!”

In the next brainstorming session for his 1-page branding script, I listed these values his business brings to a) employers and business owners, b) their employees, and c) their customers.
The business owners get free advertising, team spirit, and brand promotion. Their employees will look smart, feel competent, and are more productive. And for their customers, uniformed employees are easier to spot.
Then we announced the brand to my client’s embroidery customers. The true value of his work is not just in needle and thread, but in how it enriches others.

We then renamed the company and we also added a tagline to supplement the logo.

Voila, a brand is born! But only AFTER brainstorming over several drafts of the branding script, distilling a single page of core values, USP, new visions, and stories.

A video is as good as the script. After making his branding video, the same 1-page script is perfect content for the homepage on my client’s website.

Then my team has all the brand elements for his website’s design: With the new logo and tagline, and the design of the new company name, UNIFYING all pages of his website, under one strong brand, in style and substance, uniquely his own.

I love what I do: Celebrating uniqueness, and bringing out the best a business, and in elevating a client’s vision and brand. Thank you for reading!

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