From Tangle to Tango (A Poem by Joanne Z. Tan)

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“From Tangle to Tango” is a poem on the future of AI and humanity, written on March 15, 2024, by Joanne Z. Tan, NOT by AI.

(Watch Joanne Tan reading this poem as a video (This is a genuine video, no deep fake, shallow fake, or any fake is used anywhere. ) 

(Listen to Joanne Tan reading this poem as a podcast)


From Tangle to Tango


In the age of monopolies,

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google,

coping with every moving tentacle.

Just when you think you’ve caught up,

when things start to be manageable,

there comes another round of upgrades,

the endless versions, 

from 2.0 to 9.0,

for the manipulated,



Yielding is the only way possible

to the omnipresent AI net, invisible,

kicking and screaming, caught in the middle.


Does it matter to have our own will?

Do we have any personal control?

As AI spirals,

living becomes a messy tangle,

no way to tell who is controlled, and who controls.


“I have a dream”, 

not yet digital,

before my brain is hardly natural,

to turn this tangle to a tango.


That technology will make 

the air cleaner,

the sky bluer,

the north and south poles

covered again with ice and snow;

The ocean, the coral reefs, 

whales and fish, large and small, 

all species of life, diverse and plentiful,

the Garden of Eden, pristine and fruitful.


Technology and Humanity, 

in an intricate tango,

protect all life on Earth,

beautiful and perpetual.


Like Andersen’s little match girl,

in the Christmas snow,

the flickering light kept her dreaming;

before freezing to death,

there was still hope.


© Joanne Z. Tan   All rights reserved.


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