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What do truth and facts have to do with “Are you good? Are you correct?” How do our beliefs and opinions influence truth, democracy, freedom?

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This is Joanne Tan, 10 Plus Brand. I frankly had goosebumps from reading this recently. It is so relevant to what’s going on in American society and our democracy today, that I’m compelled to share this two-minute quote with you. (I’ll let you know who wrote this later). 

“O my brethren! With whom lieth the greatest danger to the whole human future? Is it not with the good and just? – 

— As those who say and feel in their hearts: “We already know what is good and just, we possess it also; woe to those who still seek thereafter!

And whatever harm the wicked may do, the harm of the good is the harmfulest harm!

And whatever harm the world-maligners may do, the harm of the good is the harmfulest harm!

For the good — they cannot create; they are always the beginning of the end: —

— They crucify him who writeth new values on new tables, they sacrifice unto themselves the future — they crucify the whole human future!

The good — they have always been the beginning of the end. –”

From Friedrich Nietzsche, the Book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, Chapter 56, verse 26.

Now the rest is from me, Joanne Tan:

Self righteousness leads to moralization based on belief, but not on facts or truth. 

Believing yourself as good is not a harmful thing per se, as long as that does not dictate your belief about the worldly truth. 

You believe you are good, thus everything else contrary to that belief is not good, not true, not right.

How dangerous!

That is the beginning of the end of democracy, liberty, and what is truly good.

Facts are facts.  Truth is truth, whether it is convenient for you or not, whether truth contradicts your belief about yourself or not. Your opinions, beliefs — you have a birth right to them, but when you think your opinions and beliefs are facts and truth, AND the only version of truth, because “I am good”, you are sacrificing the truth, yourself, your country, and humanity, and all the good.

So, do not put your goodness above truth and facts. You can be wrong, but you are not your mistakes.  Democracy is no guarantee of no-mistakes either. Both you and democracy will be better if we all honor the truth, the facts, above everything else.

Thank you.

© Joanne Z. Tan  All rights reserved.

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