Where is my tripod?_A Short and Funny Excerpt from Joanne Z. Tan’s Memoir

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“Where is my tripod?” -A short and funny excerpt from Joanne Z. Tan’ memoir – 30 Seconds of Anything

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When my two sons were about 14 and 11 years old, they were given a video game break after doing their homework, and I got a chance to prepare for a photo shoot as a photographer. I remembered that I had folded my tripod into a pouch with a shoulder strap, but couldn’t find it afterwards. While one son was busy in front of a TV screen “killing” the enemies with a controller, the other son was at the computer with a similar game of his heroic adventure with  explosive sound.  

“Where is my tripod? Did you see it?” 

No answer. I walked up stairs, downstairs, they didn’t even move their heads.

“Where is my tripod”?  I raised my voice, after journeying upstairs and downstairs again.

No answer. They did not even move their eyes from their games.

I looked, and looked, EVERYWHERE. Just could not find it. Frustratingly, “WHERE. IS. MY. TRIPOD? ANY one?”  I almost shouted.

No answer. All I heard was their games’ beeping and fighting sounds.

Then I realized the tripod pouch was strapped on my left shoulder all this time.  

“It’s right on my shoulder!” I said surprisingly.

They both burst out laughing.

Back then, I could not laugh; but now I can.


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© Joanne Z. Tan    All rights reserved.

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