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Web development and launch of TEP.Global

“Every time I launch a client’s new website, it’s like giving birth to a brand new baby,” I told my client Dr. Vic, founder, CEO of TEP.Global, who is also a top executive recruiter and a thought-leader in people management. What a joy it is to bring this beautiful baby to the world, after months of decoding brand DNA over many sessions, and distilling vast amounts of diverse experiences and information, then creating this new brand’s look and feel with logo and visuals for customized web development.

Substantively, my teams and I have elevated TEP.Global to its rightful leadership position with brand strategies, structures, and stories; Technically, its performance is highly ranked by Google Lighthouse (see scores below).

Web development of TEP.Global as a branded website designed by 10 Plus Brand, with verbal & visual content created by Joanne Tan & Dr. Vic, executive recruiter.

Many thanks to 10 Plus Brand’s web development team, for the truly outstanding work!

Want to take a look at this new born baby? Click here.

Many thanks to TEP for inviting 10 Plus Brand to be on their highly esteemed team.

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