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Nancy Pelosi’s integrity, courage, and defiance at China’s threats in upholding democracy contrasts political opportunists like Josh Hawley.

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Nancy Pelosi has got balls! While the whole world was nervously reacting to China’s vicious threat, Nancy not only went to Taiwan as planned, but met with dissidents, pro-democracy leaders, and vowed ironclad support for democracy against autocracy. What a steely backbone she’s got, contrasted with the spaghetti spines of political opportunists like Josh Hawley, who pumped up his fist to instigate the mobs to storm the Capitol, and ran like a chicken when it happened.

At 10 Plus brand, our slogan is: “Stand for Something“. Nancy Pelosi stared down at China’s obstreperous threats (basically gave them her middle finger) and became a shining example for standing for something. Bravo!

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