What’re the new career mindset, skills & lifestyle post Great Resignation?

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The Great Resignation demands new mindsets, skills, lifestyles for your next careers. Global brand builder Joanne Z. Tan talks live on LinkedIn, on Feb 25, 2022, at 11:30am Pacific Time.

Many people have either quit their jobs in the Great Resignation, triggered by the pandemic, or are thinking about making changes to their careers’ status quo, be it advancing your career to another level in an organization, or starting something new on your own.

You may be seeking higher work satisfaction and fulfillment, more control of your time and priorities,

You may be are looking for a different path for your career,

You may decide to pursue your true passion,  

You may want to strike out on your own, be your own boss, and grow your own business,

You may desire to keep advancing your corporate career, but in different ways…

Congratulations on embarking on your own journey of change and transition!  I applaud your courage, authenticity, and vision.

After helping many people who have done, or are thinking of doing the above, I have realized that there are so many others like you who can benefit from learning about how to: 

– prepare for the new changes you desire to achieve,

– cope with the new environment, new demands, 

– learn new skills and mindsets, even the new lifestyle for your career.

On Friday, Feb. 25, 2022, I will be on LinkedIn Live, addressing your questions. If you are interested, please click “Add to Calendar”, under the headline, on this link.

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I am Joanne Z. Tan, a global branding expert, brand strategist, CEO of an award winning branding and digital marketing agency, 10 Plus Brand, Inc.  

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