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A brand promo video must use strategically honed verbal content & visuals, at the end of the thorough process of mapping each brand’s DNA™.

How many types of roofs can you visualize in 6 seconds?

Now, STRETCH your imagination, and visualize what comes to your mind when you hear this sentence: “Our vast knowledge in various types of roofing installations is one of our greatest assets.”

Perhaps a roof or two come to your visual mind? What if I ask you to think of five different types of roofs before this sentence ends?

In six seconds while this sentence was narrated by an owner of a roofing company, nine types of roofs are paraded on a video we made. (from 00.07” to 00.13”: https://vimeo.com/333486094)

The tremendous power of visuals

“Seeing is believing.” No amount of logic can replace the visual impact.

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, the impact these 9 images deliver are far more than 9,000 words.

The power of visuals. And you’ve barely scratched the tip of the iceberg.

Where the power of words pale, visuals multiply the IMPLIED meanings of words.

When words are too slow f to evoke imagination, visuals greatly reduce mental latency.

Human minds process images 60,000 times faster than words. This is because verbal language, logic and math abilities were acquired by humans at a much later stage of evolution with the most recently developed prefrontal lobe. Images are processed in the much older midbrain and lower brain stem which had long existed before homo sapiens evolved from cave-men to modern humans.

The preemptive power of visuals

However, when a novel is turned into a movie, those who have read the novel before seeing the movie are often disappointed, since what they had in mind about the characters and the stories had already been personalized with their own imagination, which is different from a movie director’s imagination and the product thereof. Besides, it is simply too much to ask a movie of a couple of hours to fully portray the details and complexity that a person creates when reading a novel of hundreds of pages.

I prefer reading the novel before watching its abbreviated, abridged and often dramatically altered movie version because I don’t want someone else’s imagination to dictate mine. Keeping my imagination pristine and unadulterated is a personal prerequisite for enjoying a great piece of literature.

Using visuals to promote your brand must start with verbals first

But the opposite is true for producing a promotional movie or video for a business brand, since controlling the audience’s mind with what you want them to imagine and think is the key. Call it “propaganda”, or even “brainwashing”. Do not let anyone other than the brand owner tell the world what her/his brand is all about. You alone bear this responsibility. A caveat: You’d better be very careful what visuals to choose for telling your brand’s story, due to the irreversible power that visuals can permanently imprint your audience’s mind. To create the right association to your brand, visuals must be consistent and in harmony with the substantive brand messages.

Even more important is getting an expert’s help to first and foremost hone your brand’s DNA™, verbal narratives and brand marketing strategies. Not even the best director can turn a bad screenplay into a great movie. The power of your brand’s promotional video is based on the substance of your brand and the corresponding narratives. Then, and only then, with artfully created and meticulously edited and selected photo images and video footage can the underlying verbal stories come alive.

Using visuals to appeal to the lowest level of human impulses and appetites is what you see on the majority of poorly made TV commercials and advertisements. To have a timeless classic video that tells the authentic truth and essence of what a brand stands for, as perpetual as its DNA, can only be done with deep and wide analysis, research studies, comprehensive strategies and expertly guided understanding of yourself, your market and your industry. It all starts with verbal narratives after intensive analytical work with the highest part of the brain’s executive and cognitive function, after hours of brainstorming between the brand owners and a true branding expert.

How we do it, for you

We at 10+ Visual Branding have scripted, created and marketed many videos for businesses, organizations and professionals, here are some samples: (https://10plusbrand.com/portfolio/videos/)

For me, producing and directing each brand-promotional video with my crew is the icing on the cake and the most enjoyable part, however, it is at the end of the thorough process of mapping out each brand’s DNA™.

As a Strategic Branding Expert, I help each business first to grow the top line -your brand – that will lift your bottom line. “Brands thrive. Businesses just survive.” A power brand can increase business volume by 40% during growth (industry specific). Upon exit, a company with a strong brand name is 3 times higher in value than a no-name. A power brand can shorten the sales cycle, bypassing marketing. More than profits, a brand defines a company’s culture and legacy for inspiring and empowering employees & loyal brand-followers.

I brainstorm with founders and CEOs in mapping Brand DNA™, creating verbal and visual content for websites, videos, social media marketing, etc.

I contribute a proprietary multidisciplinary process for branding involving these skills and background:

(1) A law degree for analyzing & outlining vast amount of information to its gist, with strategic vision.
(2) Professional journalist editor and page designer, for investigating and presenting stories, simplifying the complex, and thinking out of the box.
(3) Business consultant and coach: strategic vision, mission and goal setting, market research, target audience profiling, etc.
(4) MBA training in marketing, accounting, insurance, organizational behavior.
(5) Director & Producer for high quality brand videos.
(6) Award-winning professional photographic artist (in Greater San Francisco Bay Area.)
(7) Liberal art education with a full scholarship, Brandeis University.

Bonus: I am also an avid opera lover, a season ticket holder for San Francisco Opera for about 23 years. Opera is blending story-telling with poetry, music, visuals. I tell my clients’ brand stories with the same elements except the singing part.

Want to have an initial consultation? Please call: 1-888-288-4533, or Please visit our website: www.10PlusBrand.com

Thank you!

Written by Joanne Tan, © 2019.
Edited by Glenn Perkins.

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