Seven 2024 Predictions, by Joanne Tan

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A bumpy ride ahead in 2024 to good US economy, democracy, generative AI, interest rate and housing market, per Seven 2024 predictions, by Joanne. Z. Tan.

I want to share two true stories before I give you my seven 2024 predictions:

To watch it as a video

To listen to it as a podcast

A year and half ago, while all the “experts” were forecasting an economic recession, I predicted, based on numbers and analysis, that there would NOT be a recession in the US, but inflation needed to be controlled, in “Recession? What Recession?” dated August, 2022. (

And I was right!  

On 2021 New Year’s Day, I told my younger son: “This year is going to be violent and bloody.” He still remembers it! I did not know why I said it, partly based on a premonition, partly by reading the way the world was at the time, prompted by an omen.

And unfortunately, six days later, I was horrified watching the January 6th insurrection unfolding in real time on TV. 

Now, I am emboldened to make seven 2024 predictions, not based on my own wishful thinking, but on facts and analysis:

  1. Donald Trump will not be the president of the United States. (Duh!)
  2. The US Supreme Court will uphold convictions in state and federal courts against Trump.
  3. Interest rates will remain the same for about 3-6 months into 2024, then the Fed will start lowering the federal reserve rate a quarter point at a time. (Duh!)
  4. The housing market will improve as interest rates go down, the economy will do well.
  5. OpenAI will lose the copyright violation lawsuit filed by the New York Times, triggering a major limitation of ChatGPT’s data sources, to non-proprietary data. The US Congress will further legislate AI with privacy, safety, national security protections and against biases and disinformation.
  6. Bitcoin and Ethereum will keep going up, in spite of volatility. 
  7. Politically, there will hardly be a dull day in 2024, and there will be the largest voter turnout ever in US history for the Presidential Election in November. 

There will be more dramas in the world, but I’d rather not share here.

Buckle your seatbelt, it will be a bumpy ride, but we will get there!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Thanks for your predictions, Joanne. Hope you are right! We met on Doug’s Global Chamber session earlier this week and connected on LinkedIn. You may like my biweekly global business update newsletter that goes out to 1,400 people in 20 countries that Doug mentioned.

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