World War 3 by Proxy?

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World War 3 is unfolding by proxies in the Israel-Hamas War (US & Iran), the Ukraine-Russia War (NATO vs. Russia and its authoritarian supporters), & coming-soon, Taiwan-China War.

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In MY observation, World War III has already started, by proxy.

This time, it is authoritarianism vs. democracy.

On the one side is the Authoritarian Camp, which includes Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China. Other authoritarian regimes may join this Camp. Regional wars may flare up, such as the long drawn-out civil war in Syria, with Russia and now Iran supporting the Syrian dictator.

On the other side, the Democracy Camp, which includes the United States, NATO, and all the democratic countries, and those who value democracy.

The theaters where World War III is unfolding may look regional, but all have proxies, such as:

The Israel-Hamas War, a prolonged version of which will become a proxy war between the US and Iran, at the same time devastating both Israel and Palestine – that’s why Israel needs to let cool heads prevail now, and not fall into Hamas trap. The two-state solution is the only promise to lasting peace. After vanquishing Hamas terrorists, Israel and the West need to build up Palestine so it won’t be the breeding ground for terrorists. It is a tall order, but the only way out.

The Ukraine-Russia War, which is already a proxy war between NATO and Russia. Now, Russia is supported by North Korea, Iran, and China, militarily or financially;

And the highly probable Taiwan-China War, coming up. No doubt who will be on China’s side: Russia, North Korea, Iran. Who will be on Taiwan’s side, other than the US?

The United States by itself cannot afford to support Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and whoever else, militarily and financially. We need to spread the load with the NATO countries. We must broaden alliances with the EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Vietnam … even India, Turkey, and all other pro-democracy countries on all continents. That’s the only way for our Democracy Camp to win.

The only way the United States can be defeated is by implosion, through internal division manipulated through disinformation from the Authoritarian Camp.

Be aware! We are an open society, they are lurking in the dark, using AI and whatever else to tear us down. We must vigilantly defend our own democracy first. Internally, STOP FIGHTING AMONG OURSELVES. Or we will defeat ourselves.

Thank you.

© Joanne Z. Tan  All rights reserved.

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