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Political correctness, self censorship, and truth telling in a free democracy, as both a societal and personal brand – Joanne Z. Tan, 10 Plus Brand.

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About political correctness & incorrectness

In the age of political correctness and self censorship, people who stand by their principles command respect. Don’t be afraid of being labeled as “politically incorrect”, or being “canceled”, or even attacked. That’s NOT how a healthy democracy and free society function. One version of political correctness is another version of incorrectness. Love the truth, stand by your principles and free yourself from self-gagging and self-boundage by any versions of whimsical politics, which is not the same as truth.

And don’t underestimate that the vast majority of people thirst for truth, respect  truth, and respect those who speak the truth, – popular or not.

Both our adversarial legal system and our two-party system are set up to serve the truth, not vice versa. Citizens’ life should not be based on any interest groups’ agenda. 

When you are not speaking your mind, you give your power away. 

Therefore, don’t undermine your own power.  It is up to each of us, to make a free country not self censored. Truth will set you free.

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