What makes your brand stronger?

By |2020-03-31T22:08:10+00:00February 21st, 2016|Brand Messaging|

Your brand is stronger, the more it is connected to your client’s needs. For example, this was one of my clients’ old logo for a custom embroidery business, a needle and a spool of thread. I asked my client: “What values does your business bring to people? In what ways does it make a better [...]

Are you “Rich”? Or Are You “Wealthy”?

By |2020-03-31T22:09:05+00:00February 8th, 2016|Brand Messaging|

I recently met a gentleman at an event. He first lamented the fact that he is one of the 99% of the working middle class, always juggling the daily chores of raising kids, pleasing bosses, paying bills, and advancing careers while not enjoying their work with any passion. He then said to me: “But I [...]

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